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Miss Call Number is an integrated web-based tool that allows you to get all notifications on your dedicated Mobile number in real-time. It can even provide you real-time notifications on your Landline or Toll-Free Number.

By leveraging our diverse APIs (SMS, 2 Way Messaging, Voice, Email, Call Back, Call Conference, etc.), services. Our missed call services can also help you start engaging sessions with your customer.

Miss Call Number Service Provider

Send Auto-reply SMS to the caller, send emails or SMS notification to yourself, integrate your CRM or Website using a web-hook, set various limits, etc.

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Auto-Reply Feature

Auto Reply SMS: Auto reply SMS is a pre-recorded automated SMS that will be received by your clients if they make a missed call, to the given number. To make your clients feel important, you can even customize the reply. 

Voice Call Auto Reply: A pre-recorded voice clip can be forwarded as a response to customers who have made a missed call to your number. With Missed Call Service, you can also make the callers aware of your brand.

Auto IVR Reply: IVR is like a virtual receptionist that will assist your clients if they make a missed call to your number, by supplying them with the necessary details.

Lead Management and Distribution

Never miss a single lead

A significant method for producing orders for the business is the lead management framework. Miss Call Number allows you to raise the standards of your organization and reach the target customers. It is a great method for accurately and reliably evaluating the marketing strategy.

Your leads will be uniformly dispersed among your agents automatically. If you have 5 agents and you get 50 missed calls from clients, each agent will be given 10 clients.

A regular report will be sent to you informing you about how your agents work, in a precise manner. The report will consist of call statistics for the organization and the individual agents as well as teams.

Call Management & Personalization

With a jingle voice reflecting your brand or a pre-recorded voice message or even a caller song, you can welcome your callers. Whenever you choose to use the online panel, you can also update or modify your greeting.

You can set up and manage filters on callers, such as prioritising or restricting a customer’s number of calls. You also get Click-to-dial option to make a call by merely tapping on a number as shown on the screen. 

You will also be supported with an HTTP API for push and pull. The service will push the number to your server as soon as we get a call, and you will also have the option to get our number using a quick HTTP API on the panel provided by us.

Vanity Numbers with Unlimited Missed Call Service

A local or toll-free number is a vanity number. In general, a subscriber demands a quickly recognizable number series, used exclusively for marketing purposes. You can pick your vanity number from a list we provide.

The number of missed calls that you will get from your number is not limited. Which makes it suitable for election campaigns, receiving consumer reviews, etc.

Using the panel provided by us, you can send SMS to all your targeted customers from just one click. You can also send voice calls to all of your targeted customers from just one click, using the panel provided by us.

Best Use Cases of Missed call Services

Missed Call Services for

You can also publish a missed call number and ask your clients by merely offering a missed call on the telephone to opt-in or opt-out of your ad campaign. And, to connect subscribers to the list, the same can also be used. This functionality not only increases the quality of your user interface, it also saves the need for your agents to conduct certain managerial tasks manually.

Missed Call Services for
Business Lead Generation

We all know how hard it can be for corporations to obtain leads. Because if the prospect needs to fill out a long form to apply his request, the odds of receiving inquiries will drop drastically. In the other hand, if your prospects also have to offer a missed call to a number to send their request, your marketing approach will definitely improve in several respects.

Missed Call Services for
Requesting Call Back

There could be times that your clients would prefer to speak with your sales or support staff. It would be easier for the agents to email them in these situations than to have them specifically phone you. In your website, you can post your missed call number with them and eventually your agents can communicate with the clients themselves.

Missed Call Services for
Election Campaigns

Missed Call for Voting Most of us vote for our favourite TV reality show participants by making a missed call to a certain number. Not only does this form of voting maximise the number of votes from the crowd, but it also makes the overall process of vote-counting even simpler.

Grab the advantages of our missed call services

Using just a single missed call to connect to your client. From a list of numbers, you can pick for a missed call number of your preference. By making a missed call to this number, your clients can reach you. All the missed calls will be registered and an online dashboard can also be used to track them. You will be presented with an online panel that will help you manage your number. When a missed call is received, you will be given various options to respond to it, such as sending an auto reply SMS to the caller, send email or SMS notification to yourself, integrate your CRM or Website using a web hook, set various limits, etc.


Missed Calls for Verification

In both online and offline firms, the word ‘Verification’ plays a vital role. It is really important for organizations to monitor their customers and the choices they make. It would be the most simple and safest way to check all those items by providing a missed call for verification. It would also ensure that the company is only visited by quality visitors/prospects. Missed calls can be used for authentication at different stages. And all you need to do is to place your missing call number at the doorway of your verification process.


Miss Call Number Work

Connect to your customers by just one missed call. You can select a missed call number of your choice from our list and your customer will give a missed call to this number to contact you. All the missed calls to this number will be captured and can be monitored in the online dashboard.


Miss Call Number Reviews

Retaining your current clients is the most important aspect of running a company effectively. You should have an understanding of how your clients feel of your good and services in order to do the same. The only way to get awareness of these emotions is to get their reviews and that’s what’s needed here. And you should post a missed call number and share the feedback form via SMS with them to get the full response from your customers. In fact, the SMS could have the feedback form along with a thank you gift like a discount code.

Affordable plans for Missed call services

Choose the best plan that fits your needs at an affordable price.



Starting @ ₹900 

(per 3460 SMS)

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS Package  

Starting @ ₹2200 

(per 10000 SMS)

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Pack 

Starting @ ₹400 

(per 1000 SMS)

Need Help?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Missed Call Services.

Missed Call Service is a fully automatic web-based programme that allows you to receive updates in real time to all calls on your specified Toll Free Number or Telephone No. Our device immediately rejects the call after one ring when a new call arrives on your dedicated toll-free phone / cell number and moves the real-time data to your web panel / server along with the call number. We’ll provide you a digital panel from where you can look up to all the statistics about the calls you’ve received and how the work is being done on them by your agents. You can also use it for generating leads and if you’re hosting a competition you can even use it for voting purposes.

Channels indicate how many calls can be made concurrently by a client. For eg, if there are 5 channels in a plan, then on his number only 5 simultaneous calls can be received. If more than 5 calls are made at a time, all those calls are refused by the machine. These declined calls can be seen by consumers as ‘missed calls.’ The number of channels you opt for decides the number of calls you can receive simultaneously, if the number of calls you receive simultaneously are more than the channels you’ve opted for the additional calls will be dropped and will be shown as a missed call from the client. To whom your agents can contact back as soon as a channel gets free.

We only offer prepaid rental plans, i.e. the service rental is taken in advance for the whole period, depending upon the schedule, which can be half-yearly or annual. Because the rental is charged by the customer in advance, the utilisation section is billed at the end of the current month and the customer is responsible for paying the utilisation bill within 7 days of the bill being created. Customers can only collect the usage bill on their registered email ID.

For the purpose of KYC (as required by the government) we need following documents

  • ID and Address Proof of the authorised person.
  • Company registration certificate
  • Board resolution to authorise the signing authority

A virtual IVR number for Missed Call Service is like a normal 10 digit mobile number, except that it provides more options and improved call handling than a normal mobile number. However, the caller and the calling party both pay for the call in VMN (Virtual Mobile Number or 10-Digit IVR Number), but the costs are spread among them. It is cheaper for corporations to pocket and therefore reduces spam calls when both sides pay for the call.
The number is usually provided by the supplier of cloud telephony, although your own number may also be used as an IVR number, but it is not suggested for different purposes.

Both are basically the same. The IVR number is a number on which an IVR is played that may be a virtual number such as a 10-digit telephone number or a toll-free number such as 1800-200-5777. But you should name it as a Computer IVR number or a Toll Free IVR number. If only an IVR number is cited then it means we are talking about a number on which IVR is being played.

India is a nation that is price aware. If they have questions in their mind, people are hesitant to even spend 50 paises on a call. Standard 1800 numbers or 10-digit virtual numbers are missed call numbers, and allow companies to catch sales leads without being paid like a toll-free number and allow their customers to contact them free of cost by only providing a missed call. Missed call numbers are also very common for publicity promotions where large numbers of calls are taken in a very short period of time.

For branding, the Toll Free 1800 numbers are easiest. Callers are confident that the company uses Toll Free 1800 numbers and they believe that the business is more customer-centered.

Because it is just a missed call, since everybody knows how to dial a number, there is no language or communication obstacle.

When using a Toll Free 1800 number for a missed call over the IVR service, there is a major cost benefit.

Easy on pocket, and very effective tool for lead generation. Missing Call on Virtual Mobile Number is a 10-digit standard mobile number extension where a caller can offer a missed call and receive an acknowledgement SMS in answer. Both missed calls are logged in in real time to the device and can be accessed from the panel provided by us. Since it is just a missed call, there is no obstacle to language or understanding, as everyone will send you a missed call.

For Enterprises

Our Missing Calls Services can make processing and management of databases a simple job for organisations. This removes the need for agents to personally manage the calls and send callers information, which can be conveniently given by an SMS.

For Clients

Customers will be more than just pleased with our missed call service by getting their query resolved without even paying any calling fees. If it’s the business or any discount coupon code on the SMS, they can quickly get the necessary information, be it relevant to anything.