Bulk SMS Service And Use Of Bulk SMS Service In India

As long as we, the human being, socially connected with the other group of people, we need to convey our words to them. It was the previous system where we used letter, telegram to send our words to the distant people. In order to become a global village, our system upgraded now and we do not need any letter or telegram to send our words to the far away people. Digitization is the prime source in the business. We need to upgrade with the system for our survival. Sms or short message service prove to be the new way out of which one can flourish his/her business.

Types of SMS

Email and paging are the two types of SMS, but WAP Push, instant messaging and application to application are the new arrival in the world of messaging service. Email and paging have its own difficulty and other factors but the SMS service provider is unique in approach and easy going. Therefore, from the beginning, the  SMS service provider got a place in the business platform.

How does it work

To start bulk SMS service , one needs to buy SMPP  server from one of the message aggregator companies so that one can create his own bulk SMS application . It is a team job and for individual handling , gonna be too hectic to deal. So one can develop a team who will design the platform including  the options for SMS sending.  There are few features like the bulk export of contacts, Template creation, Account customization, sender ID creation, Reporting system which can help you out to start the service provider initially.

Impact on receiver

To start the service one has to study the market thoroughly. Because of number of service provider existing already, to leave a mark among them , you have to create an unique approach to reach your target audience. Besides, you have to create few unique features in your application so that it would leave a strong impact on your receiver . Be the content, or the application, or the time management, you and your team must be dedicated to reaching out to the possible customers anyway. The market study will help you and your team to be a successful service provider by an effortless approach to your set goal.

Promotional aspect

 Now come to very crucial aspect like promotion of business. One can have two options in this regard: 1) your own business

                                                                             2)  As Reseller

Promotion of your own brand needs a deep and thorough knowledge about bulk SMS service provider and to get this knowledge one has to spend a minimum one to two years in the concerned industry.  To start your own brand a healthy amount of investment is concern fact also. You have to build your team which must have a researched-knowledge individual.

The second option is Reseller option which is a comparatively easy way to get done. In this option, one can get low margin compare to the market or own business. But as there is low risk and less investment , one can ignore the low margin rate. Moreover, reseller would provide the job details and all ; service provider has to follow the instructions as per the client’s choice. That’s why it would be an easy job for the start-ups.

Promotion of your own brand is risky for the beginner in this industry. So if you are planning to the gateway to set your feet in the SMS service provider industry, you can choose the second option; doing work as a reseller you will get plenty of experiences which will help you to start your own brand and also beneficial for the promotion of your own business. Trust me, success will be all yours and your team effort in the long run.

Do’s and Don’t

To start something new there will always be some pros and cons. It is our duty to fix all those stuff which could fetch a profitable portion to us. Bulk SMS service provider has few limits and you have to use this tool very strategically so that you will not bring misfortune to you and your team.  Here are the list of do’s and don’t:

a) language has a strong impact on the reader of the SMS. Choose the language accordingly so that it will appeal promptly to your target reader.

b) The content of your SMS must be to the point , therefore precise message should be there .

c) The time management is very important in this industry. Keep in mind the time, when you will send the message so that maximum reader can read the whole and get idea of your business. Avoid sending a message in the midnight and in the early morning. Hence,the best time is between morning 9 am to evening 7 pm. d) Provide the necessary link in your message so that one can click the link and open your website. Most of the views of the sites have gone through a message link, so don’t forget to include in the content of the message.

Ultimate brand promotional platform

As long as people start using smartphone and the network service provider become cheaper nowadays, the promotion of a brand become easier either. One can tie up one of the network service provider and collaboratively send messages to the customer or you can start select the target reader from the network service provider and sending message and promote your brand. Both options are easy but one must go with the proper planning  as there are hard competition in this industry. For your own survival, you have to plan a distinctive idea and execute them accordingly.


As soon as the communication industry has let its wings to fly high, both demand and competition increased numerously. Where there’s demand, there must be supply. A number of companies offer the service, but it’s the offbeat offer to the customer win the show. Apparently, the effort, the unique idea, genuine marketing approach and proper master planning will support the company stands tall amid the crowd.

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    Mithilesh Shahi

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  • very polite while explaining and all the guidance was provided software is also good to use whatsapp marketing.

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