Voice SMS Service

Voice SMS Service is a great tool that can be utilised to spread awareness about your product/service, support and establish interaction with people for marketing purposes.

Our bulk voice sms has been renowned as the most powerful advertising tool to get more consumer & industries to your business list. In gaining more clients, it has a huge influence and produces great leads. Bulk Voice SMS is also the perfect alternative for companies who wish to draw on a comprehensive communications campaign to meet all of their company goals.

India's leading bulk voice broadcast

Innovate, streamline, and automate with our scalable voice SMS service, at an affordable price on a secure, high-quality worldwide carrier network, and pay only for what you need.

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The centre of our voice broadcasting service is our strong Voice SMS API. Our Voice SMS API provides simple real-time connectivity with third party providers, including bots for artificial intelligence. In order to increase the audience, multi-lingual APIs can also be implemented to deliver send bulk voice messages in various regions. 

Our Voice SMS API also comes with a dedicated feature for programmatic supervision of text grammar, including length, pitch, speech rate, and sentiment analysis of meaning.

With low latency, feature-rich, carrier-grade network, our Voice SMS API comes with a powerful voice quality engine to help you deliver premium-quality voice SMS experiences.send bulk voice messages

Our powerful Voice SMS API allows a rich Voice SMS experience with a customised upload functionality for voice recording that supports .mp3 and .wav files. You can also scale your Voice SMS with the freedom to communicate in several languages and regional accents to callers.

Customize interactive calls with multi-language support from your personal dashboard using our Voice SMS API. Moreover, schedule your Voice SMS campaigns for a particular date and time, and also re-deliver failed Voice SMS.

Global Connectivity

Add rich call features to your software implementation with Voice SMS Recording, TTS, API synchronization and more. Increase your leads by utilizing our dynamic call tracking feature and improve your response rate with great user experience.

Leave a better impact on your audience by adding a personal touch to your Voice SMS by utilising our multi-language support feature.

For reducing lags and improvising overall call quality, you can keep your Voice SMS gesture control local with our world-wide data centers. Our Voice SMS Service support is available 24x7x 365 days.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Voice SMS Service is a brilliant way to boost the efficiency of your company. You can send hundreds of voice SMS at a time and with a strong consumer database, boost your ROI.

Moreover, with features like recording your Voice SMS anywhere and sending to anyone, even in regional languages, can help you build better trust with your audience and acquire new leads via indirect marketing.

Our Voice SMS service is super cheap and you can launch your campaigns on our portal, even with a low budget. You only pay charges for the linked calls in our credit-based scheme; No hidden charges.

The fastest and simplest way to connect and engage with a huge audience is the Voice SMS Service. It is the best way to broadcast your messages, encourage and create contact with the public for commercial purposes. Voice SMS service is well-known for its powerful impact when it comes to marketing and adding more consumer & industrial sectors to your potential list. It has a huge influence and is a great tool to generate more leads. Bulk Voice SMS is also the perfect alternative for organisations who want to strategise a strong advertising campaign to meet all their business goals.

Bulk Voice SMS Service enables companies, corporations and individuals to communicate with a massive audience at the same time. Many entities have made great use of Voice SMS Service for the purposes of company acts. This marketing strategy can, at a single click, make bulk outbound calls. Voice SMS Service plays a vital role in a wide variety of applications such as election campaigns, mobile ads, consumer polls, EMI notifications, medical updates, stock notifications, meeting alerts, wake-up calls, wedding invitation notes, gatherings, celebrations, birthdays and so on.

Political Campaigns

Conduct political campaigns with personalized Voice SMS to reach the voters and send them your message.

Lead Generation

Creating Voice SMS campaign in regional language helps you establish a strong bond with your audience and generate leads.

Surveys and Feedback

Voice SMS Service be used to conduct surveys, request feedback, send urgent notifications, and even greetings.

Affordable plans for Voice SMS Service

Choose the best plan that fits your needs at an affordable price.



Starting @ ₹900 

(per 3460 SMS)

Promo Sender

Promotional Sender SMS Pack 

Starting @ ₹2200 

(per 10000 SMS)

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Pack 

Starting @ ₹400 

(per 1000 SMS)

Need Help?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Voice SMS Service.

Voice SMS Service is a highly effective marketing tool with which you can send pre-recorded voice notes to your valuable consumers and increase ROI. Voice SMS Service is delivered by web-based Voice SMS API. Different functionalities in Voice SMS services are based on the features provided by your Voice SMS API.

Using Voice SMS Service on our platform is very simple. Once you buy a Voice SMS Service plan you’ll be provided with credentials to login to your account. Here you’ll see credits for your Voice SMS. Once, you are logged in, you will be able to build your campaigns easily using our simple editor. After creating your campaign you can either save your Voice SMS as draft or send it right away to all your contacts with one-click.

Due to very lower cost and higher distribution quality, our Voice SMS modalities leads to a strong Return on Investment. Since, voice SMS is retrieved by the vast number of phone subscribers, it offers an ability to expand your audience. Our Voice SMS Service provides you different ways to connect and engage with the people from which they can access your service. Voice SMS Service also plays a major role in growing your business reach beyond each form of mobile devices.

There are several other reasons to choose Voice SMS Service for your business:

  • Compared to text messages, voice SMS carries more feelings, indicating a more intimate means of communicating and contact.
  • You can very easily communicate with all sorts of people with Voice SMS Service, including those who are unable to read & write.
  • If you have a large user database or marketing list of potential customers, make hundreds or thousands of Voice SMS at the same time.
  • It is a highly inexpensive publicity tool. Even with a low budget, you can start advertising for your voice SMS on our portal.
  • Voice SMS Service improve your business productivity as you can pre-record and schedule your Voice SMS campaigns which can be delivered to thousands of people at the same time. 

To personalise your Voice SMS campaign on our platform we have numerous options. You can upload customised voice recording in .mp3 and .wav format. You can also expand your Voice SMS campaigns by making voice notes in regional language. This feature allows you to build better trust with your regional audience as you will be delivering messages in their native language. 

You can customise your Voice SMS from your personal dashboard using our dedicated Voice SMS API. You can also schedule your Voice SMS campaigns and execute them on a particular date and time. In case of any failure in Voice SMS delivery, you can check the reports and re-send them.

There are several factors. In most cases, paper-based and email-based marketing are highly inefficient. When you get spam emails or garbage letters, we all know what happens-they go right into the bin! In a far more straightforward way, Voice SMS Service meet the user-through their device. Voice SMS Service is 100 times more powerful than conventional types of messaging. Furthermore, it costs less to send a voice message than a posted letter or a call sent by a telemarketing representative. Your response rates go up as you start using Voice SMS Service, and your costs fall down.

Voice SMS Service is a way of delivering pre-recorded voice notes to your audience. The Immersive Voice SMS Service of Mobonair is built on the advanced technologies and is capable of managing enormous traffic. As a credible and convenient supplier of Voice SMS Service in India, we are committed to satisfying the requirements of the customer with results in real time. 

Our powerful Voice SMS API with easy to use features help users to create and manage their campaigns with no technical skills required. Our Voice SMS Service is super affordable and is chargeable only when you successfully connect with the your customer. We also assure 100% guaranteed delivery of all your Voice SMS on recipient numbers.

Follow the below steps to send Voice SMS online using Mobonair portal:

  • Sign up for a Mobonair account
  • Buy Voice SMS credits
  • Add or upload contacts
  • Create your SMS in English or popular regional languages.
  • Build your campaigns – personalize using our easy template builder, insert short-links, attach files, pdf and more!
  • Schedule the message for later or send it right away.
  • Track real-time delivery reports