How do you identify Transactional SMS ?

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Every transactional message has the following traits:

  1. Header is always in XX-XXXX Alphabetical Format as per TRAI Guidelines.
  2. Text message will have a/c, account no: in it.
  3. There will be keywords like yout OTP ,Appointment, available balance, Booking ID, combined balance, avl bal.
  4. There will be transactional keywords like Booked ,debited, credited, payment.

Instant SMSs on transactions or at various stages of delivery of any order make a company trustworthy to its customers. Transactional SMSs are becoming increasingly popular in e-commerce, banking, retail, and other industries for this reason. At the moment, every company uses them as the foundation for sending process information, billing information, and status acknowledgment.

Transactional SMS Services By MobonAir

Transactional SMS

Based on customer need MobonAir sms gateway provides an easy-to-use transactional sms gateway to our corporate clients. The only thing you need to do is register on our platform to begin using the Bulk transactional SMS services without interruption. provides reasonable pricing and efficient transactional SMS plan that allow you to send hundreds of SMS in a short period of time.

Why use Transactional SMS

Businesses utilise transactional SMS to communicate transactional information. Businesses can reach out to subscribers directly using this sort of SMS to convey vital details that aren’t tied to promotional activity, such as order status, delivery alerts, and more.

Here are some cases when you shouldn’t think of moving ahead without letting your customer know –

  • Confirmation of transaction
  • Status information of ordered products
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Online Order Receipts
  • Sending Alerts
  • Indutrial Notifications
  • Automated Business Messages

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