How To Get Register In DLT Under TRAI Norms ?

Get Free TRAI DLT Registration

What is TRAI DLT Registration?

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DLT registration is mandatory as per New TRAI regulations. Every business that wants to send communication messages like OTP, Notification, Reminder, etc to their user needs to register their business TRAI DLT platform. The business which is register as an entity needs to register only with one operator (like Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea). After Register business will get their sender IDs with the telemarketers. The process of getting the sender IDs is the same as registering a domain. Once the unique sender ID is obtained it is blocked under the name of the registrant across all the telecom operators and can only be used by the registered company.

Operators for DLT Registration

VilPower – Vodafone India

DLT Registration with Vodafone (VilPower)

Registration Link: VilPower

User Manual: Download VilPower User Manual


DLT Registration with Airtel

Registration Link: AirtelDLT Registration

User Manual: Download Airtel User Manual


DLT Registration with Videocon

Registration Link: Videocon DLT Registration

User Manual: Download Videocon User Manual


DLT Registration with BSNL

Registration Link: BSNL DLT Registration

User Manual: Download BSNL User Manual

Reliance Jio

DLT Registration with Reliance Jio

Registration Link: Reliance Jio DLT Registration


DLT Registration with TATA

Registration Link: TATA DLT Registration

You can register for DLT with above Indian Operators. No complusion to register with all operators. You can register with one or with all operators.

If you want to deliver bulk SMS using multiple operators then you need to register with those operators only.

MobonAir India provides the DLT SMS deliver-ability Compliant platform for hassle-free delivery of your text messages, contact us for your bulk SMS requirements.

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