Who can use Promotional Marketing Services ?

  • Shops – They can send any kind of offers to their customers and messages which are promotional by nature. 
  • Brands – They can improve their presence to mobile audiences. 
  • Spa/Massage Parlors – They can send the latest offers and promotions to their customers to keep them engaged. 
  • Election Campaigns – Political parties can use bulk SMS to reach their voters’ base. 
  • Electronic stores – They can send a lot of new deals and offers on special occasions like Diwali, Gudi Padwa etc. 
  • Retail Outlets – They can attract customers who haven’t visited their shops for a long time by sending the latest discounts. 
  • Restaurants – They can send offers for special events like New Year, Diwali, or weekends through promotional SMS. 
  • Tours and Travel – These agencies can promote their business by sending out details about various packages and latest deals on hotel and flight bookings. 
  • Education – Schools, colleges and institutes can send bulk SMS for admission purposes. 
  • Election Promotion – To use in promotion of candidates and political parties .

Before sending promotional SMS, you should know how to use it for advertising and marketing purposes to make the most of it. A lot of companies overlook this service to earn brand presence.  

You should use promotional SMS to get your information cleaned and get the latest NDNC numbers from the NDNC registry. You need to send bulk SMS only to the non-DND numbers who can receive it. Online filtration is provided by many companies and pushed only for unregistered numbers in the registry.