Bulk SMS Service Provider Company In Nagpur

What Is The Cost Of Bulk SMS Service Nagpur Maharashtra ?

Mobonair is a Mobile SMS carrier in Nagpur. They provide a number of services to business professionals and residential users. We provide a brief review of their services, along with Mobonair’s competitors.

What can you get from Mobonair? The base package is unlimited local and national calls and messaging services for a cost of INR 15. This includes International dialed calls as well.

Bulk SMS Service Provider Company In Nagpur

Other additional features that you will receive are 24-hour call answering, caller ID, call waiting, messaging, call forwarding, conference calling, mobile and broadband connectivity, caller status, call transfer, mobile broadband connectivity, caller ID blocking, call capture, and call broadcast. These are all included in the main package.

If you need a lot of usage for your bulk SMS and MMS messages, Mobonair’s Advanced Calling Packages will work. It allows you to send unlimited calls within India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. And, you get the added benefit of being able to send SMS messages within India too.

Another good thing about Mobonair is that they do not use cellular towers. Instead, they use the satellite network, which is not only cheaper than cellular, but also helps them avoid huge investments in developing cellular towers.

There are also regular base packages that you can buy. One of the biggest selling points of these is the 24-hour customer support that you can avail. But this also means that you cannot get to talk to your family and friends.

But in general, bulk SMS and MMS service is quite cheap in India. You can use their services for relatively less than your normal domestic charges. This makes Mobonair a winner among bulk SMS and MMS service providers in India.

They also provide large amounts of feature and software. For example, they have an Email functionality, which will make your messages go directly to your email inbox. You can also make use of the various pre-set sending parameters like the text or picture message.

Bulk SMS and MMS are completely free of cost, since all the charges are linked to the usage of your account. That is why they are still popular among families.

Bulk SMS Service Provider Company In Nagpur

Because of their vast array of features, Mobonair is a good choice for those who are involved in different types of business, whether it is telecoms, mining, banking, finance, etc. Some of their other customers include international businessmen, who use their services to send and receive bulk SMS.

In general, bulk SMS and MMS are very inexpensive in India, but there are some variations that you must keep in mind. For example, due to charges related to foreign exchange rates, you may end up paying a higher amount of money.

Overall, bulk SMS and MMS are very cheap in India, but you must be aware of these variations before making your purchase. All in all, the features and benefits that you can get from Mobonair are worth every single penny.

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    Mithilesh Shahi

    Great and highly professional team to work with. Behaviour of the team especially Mr Sandeep is very nice as well as professional. Services provided by the company are upto the mark and highly appreciated. The prices are very reasonable as compared with other options... Good to go withđź‘Ť

  • very polite while explaining and all the guidance was provided software is also good to use whatsapp marketing.

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    bulk sms service in aliganj, lucknow.

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