Types Of Bulk SMS Gateway

 Know the different types of bulk SMS gateway ways for your business!

The path-breaking service of bulk SMS gateway has come up with many unique features’. This technique has become very fond in the operational field as well as in business fields. The bulk SMS services have been used widely in recent times whether it is in the non- banking sector, banking sector, semi-government or government sector or in the hospitality or private sector. However, in today’s business world it seems quite an impossible task to carry a business without any support of the bulk message gateway and with SMS campaign and promotional messages. This is one the unique technique which is helping out in many fields by giving various benefits to all the sectors tremendously.

Though, if you happen to meet any kind of service provider which is offering the bulk message service with many lucrative deals with transactional and promotional facilities you must consider registering your business with the bulk SMS gateway from a reliable provider.

What is a Promotional SMS Gateway ?

As from the name it simply clarifies that a Promotional SMS Gateway is meant to promote a service or a business or a product or a brand itself via SMS. The promotional messages are intended for the purpose to promote the product and services of a company in a way that does not relate to the customer’s activity or account directly.

A promotional SMS can be sent directly to millions of people at any stipulated time decided by the TRAI. Well, the msgs can only be sent to the numbers that are not in DND number and is not registered in the NDNC registry. This technique brings to be more advantages by helping a business to market immensely by pushing more promotional ideas for their brands to the customers directly. However, the promotional message should be used as a powerful tool for marketing a thing to the people.

The ways to use promotional messaging!

The bulk SMS service facilities its use majorly in four ways. Though, it is all the ways equally important to know that it could be used in a very different way. The ways to use promotional messages through the help bulk SMS gateway are discussed below:


The power of advertising is a very strong fact which can be used for effective marketing. Well, advertising can be successfully and usefully done with the help of bulk SMS, as this technique can be addressed to communicate with mass people. Sms advertising can also be made use for social media and internet business.

Public relations:

This type of bulk message gateway service is used for promoting and marketing the philanthropic activities which a company is pursuing. It can be pitched in the name or brand of a company as by making a visual impact on the general public and also to increase the reputation and esteem of the company in the eyes of targeted people. While serving for a good deep or a social cause, the online SMS gateway can be used to portray the activities by attracting the general traffic to the business.

Personal selling:

Personal selling is also a type of promotional activity in SMS sending which can be carried out very well through this technique of marketing and promoting. Here a company or an organization can use this facility by texting the contacts individually so that the customer can feel respected and elated.

Sales promotion:

The sales promotion can be carried out by a business organization or an individual person with the help of bulk SMS gateway to increase the sales and visibility to their company by sending the short term offers or texts on promotion with the right audience in the right time.

What makes the bulk SMS the best marketing tool for all kinds of business?

Bulk SMS has proven to be one of the great marketing tools which have proven to transform the way a business can market and promote their business. Well, if your message is short yet appealing for the public surely it can be the best way to connect and communicate with your customers. The bulk SMS is kind of a marketing tool which allows sending thousands and millions of messages in just one single record. If you want to pass on any urgent or general information to l your customers at one time, then the bulk SMS is the best option for you.

Let’s start analyzing how it makes an attractive marketing tool!

High open rates: do you know a simple phone message can help you to convey all kind of information about your business without wasting your time as well as money? The same bulk SMS works! Many people receive such promotional msgs in their mobiles on a daily basis which more than 80 percent of the general population reads and keeps it saved in their mobile phone. The bulk SMS keeps up an impression in the mind of people for a company about their services and products.

Cost-effective and reliable: The bulk SMS is known to be one of the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for all the business as it gives a pathway through which a company can send bulk SMS so that they can reach to their customers at any place, anytime and anywhere. Although it compares this technique of promotion and marketing through any other tool, you will get to know that it has very low costs attached to it and is very affordable for every kind of business.

As we have stated above the ways and why it is one of the effective marketing tools! You can use this bulk SMS technique to achieve more and more promotional benefits for your business whether in small or in large scale. Before starting with this, you can do imperative research which should be carried out, to know what kind of customers you want to target. Once this is completed from your end, you can start the bulk SMS services in an effective manner to maximize the returns in very low investment.

Bulk SMS Gateway Feature

1. Send SMS to Non-DND Numbers
2. Audio, Video, Images Support
3. 6 Character Alphabetical Sender ID
4. 24 x 7 Sales & Support
5. Instant SMS Delivery & Report
6. Excel Plugin for Faster Processing
7. No Setup Fee, No Hidden Cost
8. Instant Approval of Sender ID
9. Real-Time SMS Delivery Report
10. 99 % Server Up Time
11. User-Friendly Interface
12. Send Schedule SMS
13. Send Group SMS
14. Send SMS in Any Language
15. Track SMS Delivery Report

How to Count SMS Credit –

For Text Message
1 – 160 character = One SMS Credit.
161 – 306 characters = Two SMS Credits.
307 – 459 character = Three SMS Credits.

For Unicode Message
1 – 70 character = 1 SMS Credit.
71 – 134 characters = 2 SMS Credits.
135 – 201 character = 3 SMS Credits.

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