14 Common Misconceptions about Bulk SMS Services

Have you ever come across false myths about bulk SMS marketing? You’re not alone! As JF. KENNEDY said, “The great evil of truth is definitely not the like – contrived, deliberate, and dishonest, but the myth which is persuasive, persistent, and unrealistic.”

Bulk SMS service has always been the pioneer in marketing industry for decades with great success rates. Sadly, it has fallen prey to several myths about bulk SMS Delhi. Despite having so many benefits, bulk SMS services have been surrounded by many myths that make you confused about your marketing goals.

Well, achiever is the one who crosses the boundaries and achieves the goals. If you are reading this post, you are already on the way to know the facts rationally. So without further wait, let’s get into the following 14 myths about bulk SMS India that would help you know significant benefits of SMS if it is implemented well. So, let’s get started.

  1. The trend of online bulk SMS is fading.
  2. Having a bulk SMS gateway is unfairly costly.
  3. Commercial messages seem annoying to people and they don’t try to read.
  4. Bulk SMS services are not for small businesses.
  5. People think SMS marketing spammy and are scared of engaged in this strategy.
  6. The conversion rates in SMS marketing are very low and they just don’t work.
  7. It is not possible to share much information in SMS, unlike other marketing modes.
  8. Bulk SMS gets rejected because of spammy words.
  9. SMS campaigns are just for business promotions.
  10. SMS is cold and not personalized.
  11. Bulk SMS is used by only large scale organizations.
  12. Online marketing is better than this approach
  13. Senior people don’t read SMS
  14. People delete SMS without reading
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