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Mobonair SMS software, allows you to type and send SMS in Tamil language in Tamil Nadu or all over India, Do Contact To Bulk SMS Software Provider.

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Sending Unicode Bulk SMS In India

Sending sms in tamil has been a new trend in the field of promotions at chennai Location. No matter how advanced the generation has been moved, we will always find SMS as an effective way to make sure that the audience is aware of your services and products. Sending thousands of messages can feel like a hectic task, but what if I told you that you can handle this task with your mobile device through a single touch. Apart from this, what if I told that it is a free bulk SMS app, now that sounds great.

Today we will be talking about the bulk SMS app, which allows you to deal with your promotions.

Mobonair | Send SMS In Tamil

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It has been one of the best places to send SMS in Tamil language. It holds the first position because of great customer feedback for the company, also the rates are quite less than those other companies. The company terms themselves as the leader of bulk SMS service and they are also able to prove that they are the leaders. Mobonair Wireless has allowed various companies in terms of increasing sales and customer relations. It has very high delivery rates and various gateway routes for various operators. This company is the best one to help your business deal with bulk SMS services.

Why Use Our Software

  • SMS credits have a validity of infinity, which means it will never expire
  • Instant approval of Sender ID and that too without any documents
  • A great support team will be available to help you for 24 hours
  • It can also help you to deal with SEO services, and website designing, hence you do not need to look for multiple service providers for multiple tasks
  • You will deal with a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to adjust
  • Schedule SMS service is available which allow a user to send the SMS at their desired time
  • The payment rates are quite comfortable while comparing to similar other companies

Unicode Bulk SMS Software

While talking about the bulk SMS app for android, Bulk SMS Software is the name that comes in my mind. Being one of the popular and trusted application, Bulk SMS Software holds a reputation in the world of free SMS app for android. Having an app for bulk SMS, it becomes really easy. It allows you to connect with your audience at any desired time. Mobile devices are one of the elements which are equipped by almost every single individual hence it is flexible to handle the bulk SMS with your fingertips.

Features of Bulk SMS Software

  • It supports all the network operators
  • It supports both local and international numbers
  • No internet connection is required, allowing you to deal with bulk SMS even in any remote area
  • Contacts can be loaded from both Excel and txt file
  • It can broadcast both group and individual messages
  • Supports every android device

Bulk SMS Sender

Bulk SMS Sender is another popular bulk SMS android app. It is a powerful tool that also occupies less space in our memory. This bulk SMS app allows you to send a massive number of SMS through the carrier networks to every single contact that has been enrolled in a Text input file. It is a great promotion tool to send a big number of messages. You need to add the numbers in a text file after which the application reads the file and starts sending the message to every single number.

Features of Bulk SMS Sender

  • It is easy to use
  • The process of sending messages to a big list can be done on your fingertips
  • You can get the details even while the process is being executed

Regarding any new suggestion for the application, you can simply send a mail to the team, and they will reply to you within a very short period.

Bulk SMS Sender

Bulk SMS Sender is an online application allowing you to send the massive number of messages from your computer or mobile devices. It supports more than 200 countries with more than 700 operators. Generally, the rates are enclosed looking over the number of messages and also on the monthly traffic, offering 10 free SMS at the initial stage for the trial version. It also gives you the privilege if you do not want to receive any messages from the team.

Features of Bulk SMS Sender

  • SMS can be sent over any language in any country
  • Support of SMS spoofing for various countries and carries.
  • Unlimited messages can be sent
  • SMS Scheduling option is available if you want to send the messages at a particular time or schedule
  • Users get a proper delivery report
  • Messages can be sent in GSM alphabets as well as Unicode Alphabet
  • Almost every single time the messages get delivered within 30 to 40 seconds
  • Its API allows the support of other applications

Tamil sms Solution

It is a software used for bulk SMS service. Users can deal with the bulk SMS process through Excel plugins. Once you download and install the Excel plugin, you can easily be connected with your customers through SMS. Generally, the rates offered by the company are by the types of messages whether it is promotional or transactional messages. You run can easily this software in your Windows operating system or ios or Linux.

Features For TextAlert Solution

  • You can easily deal with both single and bulk SMS through your Excel
  • Its API allows you to swiftly interface with other applications
  • It provides you the option of group SMS sending functionality
  • It allows sending more than 20,000 messages within a single minute
  • You can look over the SMS delivery reports
  • The set-up process is free and you won’t be charged any extra amount in terms of hidden cost
  • The Mantra Communicator allows message passing in two ways
  • You also get the facility of SMS scheduling
  • You will be provided free technical support


Send SMS in Tamil regional language for promotion or notification purposes has become the trending strategy. The above applications allow you to deal with bulk SMS by some clicks. While talking free SMS app download, the above are the tools which always comes in my mind. Though some of the service providers are charging a bit amount of you, the cost is too low that it is close to free. If you are looking to send SMS or Unicode bulk SMS online, then the above-mentioned apps can be the best for you. We have not only mentioned the apps but also mentioned some software that you can easily download to your computer, making it versatile for both mobile and computer users.


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