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Bulk SMS Promotion Skill that Makes an Awesome Real Estate Deals In Gurgaon Delhi Mumbai

There are different features of our new way2sms platform bulk SMS systems that modern businesses can use. These would greatly be helpful for real estate businesses to improve their marketing efforts and achieve their targets. Here are the special skills for real estate players to grow better with SMS marketing.

Schedule Campaigns

You can use our new way2sms SMS systems to schedule different campaigns to run on the same group of potential buyers or on a different set of contacts at the same time. You might have come across a lot of the same features in email marketing campaigns. You can get these features also in SMS systems. You can easily schedule dates and times to run these campaigns on the basis of festive and seasonal calendars. Due to character limits, SMS is limited to only less text. So, you can easily set it up on a short time frame. There is no need to execute and plan the creation of a content scheduled in advance.

Use Smarter URLs

Within our new way2sms, You can easily shorten your URL and append with SMS for real-time tracking of engagement of customers along with directing them to land pages optimized with more service and product information that can be displayed and organized well. You can use geo-tagging and other properties to know the facts like areas where messages have better reach and more prominence. It is very important info for further brand positioning and campaign planning.

Auto Response

You can set up your bulk SMS system to be autonomous and help in the collection of customer information. You can easily send out a range of messages to collect responses as numbers or texts which indicate the choices of customers.

In simple words, it promotes a more targeted survey of customers to gain deeper and valuable insight into them. You can load those preferences in your CRM so agents can directly connect with customers with better information to drive conversations.

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