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Bulk SMS Service is very important to build promotion behavior for business in such ways that offer the skillful border. In this particular time involving technologies and progression. You possibly can phone the idea the cellular get older too, telecom industry gets offered a terrific assistance to the company of each variety. You can not picture perhaps an individual without having a cell phone.

Companies Who Deals In Bulk SMS Service

SMS holds great potential in converting people into customers.

If you are planning to promote your business which provides some products or services, then SMS can be the best fit.

SMS are much more capable than TV ads since, most people tend to skip the TV ads, while SMS focuses on the important portion and requires just a few seconds from the receiver. Now if you need to send an SMS to over 1,00,000 users, then it would be a hectic task for you to send it in one to one method.

Here the principle of best bulk SMS comes into place.

From a list of millions of companies, we have taken out the 5 best bulk SMS service provider in India 2019.

Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS Solutions is a brand which has started serving the Indian while dealing with the bulk SMS service.

Make sure you contact them only when you are 100% sure that you need their service of bulk SMS because you will be receiving multiple calls from the sales team if you have left your number after enquiring about their services.

Though it might be a headache, it can also be a great advantage since you can grab all the updates regarding the services provided by the company.

The company has a good team of sales, who will be pitching the idea of their services to you.

 If you take the service of bulk SMS, then they can handle it properly. Though the timing of the messages can be a bit delayed by a few minutes that is rare to be observed.

Generally, the pricing of their services is affordable than other relative companies, but you would prefer to invest some extra rupee for better quality.


Textalert is widely known as one of the best companies for the bulk SMS service at a decent amount of price. Generally, the quality of the work provided by the company is something which can never disappoint you. Also, the support from the staff is extremely good, they mostly fix your problem within a moment of seconds. It has an experienced number of team members; you would always feel like you are working with some international companies having millions of employees.

Regarding the time, your services will be delivered on the given time within a fraction of a few seconds. You can check all the services you have been granted by just some few clicks. Multiple users have been using the service of this company and have also gained good feedback from the users.

Lucknowbulksms While talking about the best bulk SMS service provider in India, we can never forget to add Bulk SMS Rates in the list. The company guarantees to cover its services globally. Bulk SMS Service has always been the most preferred by top companies and schools.

While talking about the design of the website, it has been built superbly. The company also provides you a Google spreadsheet plugin and an Excel plugin so that it can be comfortable dealing with the bulk SMS. This is one of the websites which has been trusted by various companies.

 Though the pricing of the services is a bit high compared to Bulk SMS , it will never be a bad decision if you take the services of Bulk SMS Rates.

Bulk SMS Text

This is a platform developed by the developers to provide an easy interface which can be handled by anyone. Generally, the bulk SMS is handled by the company which has already been integrated. The great support team is provided for every single user and business. The company has a good reputation in the market and is also preferred and used by high-level companies. Bulk SMS Text is appreciated for its delivery rate and technical support. Also, a huge variety of languages is supported.

The SMS are mostly delivered within a few seconds and the rate is quite affordable.

Text SMS Alert

This company is known for its brand and the sales team. You will see numerous team members throwing the services of the company over you. Having a big number of the team also makes the benefit of attending every single customer individually.

This company also has a team to handle the voice calls service. Mostly the services and the price rate are similar. You would hardly hear companies complaining about their services.

Review of Bulk SMS Service provider

Most of the companies serve almost a good service at a decent price. While choosing your service providers make sure that you are doing proper research and comparing the rates with various service providers.

Even while taking regarding the review of the best bulk SMS service provider in India. Many customers feel that the charges are too high, while those who go with the low charges comments that the service is not as they promised.

While talking about the Bulk SMS Solution, you will be receiving too many calls after you start looking over the services. Though you will also be getting updated with the services, no one wants to have dozens of calls from call centres talking about their services repeatedly. Though it offers a bit higher volume that other service providers, you will observe a delay in the messages and the price rates are too high from the market value.

Bulk SMS Services has some big companies as their customers and has a good reputation. The price tag is high along with less volume of SMS. You might also encounter a lack of support from the company.

In the case of Text SMS Alert, the employee leaves their job over a short period, hence you might get stress to get the actual team member when there is a case of emergency.

Textalert  and Bulk SMS Text have good quality work along with low price rates. Till now we have hardly heard any drawbacks of these two companies.

These were some of the SMS service providers reviews in India which we found after talking to our customers who have used these services.

If you are dealing with the principles of bulk SMS for the first time, then for a better understanding you can try some free bulk SMS providers.  

Who is the best bulk SMS provider in Lucknow?

The list regarding the best bulk SMS provider in Lucknow is long making it too confusing for the customer to choose a proper service provider. From a list of various service providers, Lucknow Bulk SMS can be one of the best choices.

 Lucknow Bulk SMS

Being a service provider company in Lucknow, it has gained a higher reputation in the market. Almost every company approaches Lucknow Bulk SMS regarding SMS promotions. With a great support team, it also provides a proper strategy for delivery through SMS API integration. Not only the big companies, but this company has also helped local vendors regarding the bulk SMS.

Conclusion SMS promotions are a vital tactic for gaining customers and increasing sales. Since people tend to ignore TV ads, but SMS hardly gets ignored. Therefore, SMS promotions allow you to add the real idea which you want to convey to your viewers. It also helps you to update your customers regarding offers and some other services in a better manner. Make sure when you choose an SMS service provider, you do your research and ask various customers regarding the company so that your investment turns into a better outcome.

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