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Best Bulk SMS Service Provider Kolkata

Only in Mobonair at Our SMS Gateway, we Offer You High Speed Bulk SMS Provider into Those of Kolkata. We’re the dominant Bulk SMS Providers in Kolkata. Our agency at the Town of Joy allows one to communicate immediately with your customers anytime and any place on earth. Our Volume SMS Gateway provides greatest deal on the Market. We supply speedy, secure and dependable end-to-end Volume SMSing solutions catering to all of your marketing requirements. Our broad assortment of tariff services and plans satisfies every amount of business demand. Our amazing SMS gateway assures individuals of Kolkata to promote products and brand for their own targeted and desirable customers at a click of a button.

Our dedicated teams of practitioner services are available 24/7 to aid any assistance about our majority SMS companies.

Bulk SMS gateway Login Kolkata | In this technology world, the market is using the best technologies for achieving the target. Every businessman wants to achieve their goals. Most of the companies/ organizations use advertisement for their business. Bulk SMS Gateway Login Kolkata @MobonAir is the best option for marketing. Using Our Bulk SMS Services In Kolkata is used to send a message on a large scale within second .with the help of bulk SMS [ Bulk SMS In Kolkata ] you can send the same message to the many users’ mobile phones at the same time in all over India. In a simple word Bulk sms Gateway Login Kolkata, SMS Login is just like an agent between SMS receiver and sender. 

At MobonAir We provide end to end solutions SINCE 2005 we have 1000+ Bulk SMS specialists that could cater to your diverse Bulk SMS needs. See how we can help your brand succeed as an essential part of your team. Some Bulk SMS Gateway suffers from a lack of visibility. Some Bulk SMS campaigns run without clarity over how returns are going to happen.

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Uses Of Bulk SMS Service Provider Kolkata

Our Bulk SMS Service Kolkata is very easy, simple for use and powerful. With the help of bulk SMS service, you can compose and send SMS to an individual or group message. The Bulk SMS Gateway Login provides us a backup communication channel in case something goes wrong. The interesting feature of the bulk SMS gateway is it’s reminding the customer booked event like fitness classes, upcoming events. The bulk SMS gateways can deliver high volumes of the bulk SMS message all over the world.

Bulks SMS Features:

  • Bulks SMS Priority Route
  • Bulk SMS API Integration
  • Online DND Filter
  • Bulk SMS Excel Plug-in
  • Bulk SMS OPT-in

Why choose us?

  • Fast results along with detailed delivery reports
  • Marginal cost
  • We give liberty to the users to edit their contacts list
  • To reach your target audiences in an effective way
  • To boost your marketing campaign thereby enhancing the revenues
  • To improve customer engagement
  • We even help you out in planning a stellar marketing strategy

Due to low costs and fast services, Mobonair has become the best preference of several businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Types of Bulk SMS Services

There are two types of Bulk SMS service provider in india

  1. Promotional SMS Gateway Login
  2. Transactional SMS Gateway Login

Promotional Bulk SMS Services

The promotional Bulk SMS service is one of the best cheapest marketing solutions. You can easily create awareness about your brand, product and any offer within second in a single click. You can also send your new product and offer to the customers. Promotional SMS is mainly used to brand promotion, product marketing.

Who can use Bulk SMS Service In Kolkata?

Any business or individual who wish to reach out to a wider masses and send alerts, information or promotional sms can connect with us. These include:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Beauty Salon
  • Banks
  • Jewellery shop
  • Showrooms
  • Clubs/Discotheques
  • Hotels
  • College
  • Real Estate
  • Couriers
  • Blood Banks
  • Tours Travels…etc

Transactional SMS Gateway Login

The transactional bulk SMS service, in this service, sent your customer information for using your products or services like a text sent by a bank to an account holder regarding his account information.

Who can use this service?

  1. Banking
  2. Retail
  3. Consumer market
  4. IT & ITES
  5. Oil and gas
How much do bulk SMS service company in Delhi charge for their services?

The approximate charges for sending bulk SMS in Delhi is approximately 50,000 SMS credits range from Rs 0.15 to Rs 0.20 per message. There are various plans that you can choose from based on your requirement. “MobonAir’ [ since 2013 ] giving bulk sms at 0.12 paise per SMS that is the lowest price to send bulk SMS in Delhi.
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Can I schedule my bulk SMS for any particular time through bulk SMS Login panel?

Yes, Our Bulk SMS Login Panel Allow the option of scheduling messages.

Who are the most common users of Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS Service can be used by all businesses like retail outlets, banks, airlines, travel agencies, etc.

Can we send more than 100 SMS per day?

yes, of course, this is a commercial route in this there are no limitations of 100 SMS, thus you can send up to 40cr SMS in a day.

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