10 Things We all Hate About Bulk SMS In India

bulk sms in india
bulk sms in india

In India The Most Common Issue With Bulk sms services is failed or DELAYED MESSAGES: Being a sender, sometimes we need to deliver bulk SMS regarding an instant occasion and expect users to act within a very short span of time. But delayed message delivery to some users does not give the anticipated response.

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At times you fail to notice the delivery report and bounce to collect your pay and receive none just because your sending was a failure.

VERY LESS SUCCESS SMS : This is most frustrating as the delivery report shows success but the message is never received by the desired user. At times the number is incorrect but many a time message is not delivered to even correct numbers.

SERVER PROBLEM : This problem comes under the category about which the user cannot do anything but just wait sitting frustrated.

HIGH RATE CHARGES : Very few companies offer a fair price with no hidden cost. Everyone in the industry needs to gain profit and to fulfill this purpose they just keep on imposing hidden charges which may become high if calculated over a period of time.

MARKED SPAM : Due to hiking fraudulent activities, many users mark your number spam and our number marked in red is obviously not desired.

IGNORED MESSAGE : 90% time bulk SMS is sent in order to gain some response, but sometimes people just ignore these messages making all a failure.

LIMITED WRITING SPACE : Maximum 160 characters per SMS are permitted and in that very limit you are required to type whole information which may lead to an incomplete message.

LIMITED VERSATILITY : Audio-video clips and other multimedia cannot be inserted in a text message making it’s range limited.


Bulk SMS can only be sent to mobile numbers which are registered with some company.

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