Question About Bulk SMS & Bulk SMS Services?

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What is bulk sms services and how much it is effective ?

Generally, there are many different terms that explain this effective marketing channel such as; text message marketing, SMS marketing, bulk text, SMS software, business SMS or SMS alerts but they all mean the same thing.

Very first  I would like to explain what is SMS? SMS stands for short message service, this is a text message sent from one mobile device to another. So Bulk SMS Service is, therefore, sending an SMS to a large number of recipients at once. Bulk SMS messages are purchased in large quantity hence it is cheaper than regular SMS Packages from your mobile phone. In addition, Bulk SMS is a considerably cheaper method of mass communication than more traditional forms of mobile marketing.

Bulk SMS can be used by all retail and wholesale business owners, community groups, marketing agencies or anyone wishing to communicate with a large group of people. 

Bulk SMS allows you to measure the impact of your sent messages, you can track your delivery reports and if you include a link, you can measure the amounts of hits and/or sales.

You can use bulk SMS to send reminders, update customers, send promotional offers or incentives to increase your sales and business in a certain area.

Need To Know Before Using Bulk SMS Services

It is important to point out that if you are sending Bulk SMS, you must aware of the data protection laws by your own telecom regulator. You should be required to obtain written consent from a consumer prior to adding that consumer to a mobile marketing campaign. This is a very specific term that means an agreement, in writing, bears the signature of the person being marketed to and clearly shows that they are authorizing the seller to deliver advertisements or other marketing messages to their phone.

Fact Sheet To Know About  SMS Response

Bulk SMS has open rates of 98% and messages are read by the recipient within 5 minutes

Why Do We say Bulk SMS Marketing Is The Fastest Mobile Marketing Strategy?

When we say about mobile marketing, we must pay special attention to Bulk SMS marketing since Bulk SMS has proved to be one of the most effective mobile marketing and sales tools. This small portion of information, delivered to your mobile phone, has a phenomenal 98% open rate within 5 minutes! No other marketing tool can offer such an efficiency rate, making message marketing the most convenient way to deliver your business information to your customers and relative audience.

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