Bulk Sms Service: Things You Didn’t Know

Bulk SMS has been one of the most popular channels for spreading your marketing messages to companies over the past couple of years. When it is used properly, it can help you widely to reach your audience and precise targeting. Also known as Short Text Messaging, Bulk SMS service offers a lot of amazing benefits. Here are some of the cool facts of bulk SMS service –

  • Most widely accessible tool for marketing your business and it clearly leaves email marketing far behind. Around 97% of users receive or send SMS at least once in a week.
  • People and organizations who are spreading their products through the medium of text messages have 40% higher rates of conversion than the ones who use other mediums of communication.
  • SMS messages receive over 97% of open rates while emails have only 20%. Just because a text is read and opened, it does mean receiver could be converted into customer. In simple words, you need to be very specific about where those messages are going and how often you send the same to your potential customers.

Keep in Mind These Things before Starting Bulk SMS Campaign

  • Be clear – Your content should be to the point and clear when choosing content of text messages. There is a limit of 160 characters. If you exceed this limit, your message will be broken into several texts. Be creative. Avoid slangs. Your texts should stand out over the competitors.
  • Timing – Don’t send messages on odd hours, i.e. too late or too early in the day. Be sure to give enough time to customers to act on your texts. No one likes to get discount after making purchase. Sending messages in odd hours may irritate your customers and they may also cancel subscriptions.
Bulk SMS Service Benefits

How to Increase Sales Bulk SMS Service?

There are different options to market your service or product these days. Today, bulk SMS is the cost-effectiveness, high ROI, targeted and instant marketing platform. You can beef up sales by around 200% with ideal bulk SMS marketing campaign within a few days during special occasions. Bulk SMS is used by a lot of leading brands to market their services or products. Here are the tips to boost sales with bulk SMS service –

Greet Customers – It’s really a good gesture when you send an SMS to greet new customers to make them feel special and it also plays a vital role in customer service and it shows your interest in them. In addition, if a customer has opted into the list of SMS marketing or signed up to the online newsletter, it is always wise to inform them that you have received their request and appreciate their interest in your brand.

Offer Discount – Text messages have 97% of the open rate in minutes. According to 42% of customers, discounts and sales play a vital role for shopping in festive seasons and SMS is preferred widely over emails.

Coupons to Redeem – Coupons have 10 times higher redemption rates as compared to printed versions.

Send Festival Greetings – Festive season is the occasion when people are usually willing to shop and send festive greeting SMS and it will definitely attract your customers to your shop.

Delivery updates and order confirmations – You can inform customers through SMS about their order status and where their shipment is reached. It is the sign of offering the best customer service. Along with it, you can also provide links to track their order, estimated date of delivery, and other details.

Seasonal offers – You can promote your digital presence with links. Add links in SMS to help customers to visit your site and view seasonal offers and new products.

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