IVR Services

Interactive Voice Response is an automatic calling mechanism in which a simulated receptionist responds to the call by presenting the caller with a menu to pick their message and then connect the caller to one of the agents at the caller’s request.

Our IVR service makes it easier for the clients to find answers to their questions, right on their phone. Utilize our IVR services to boost your business customer support system. Set up our IVR service for your company today.

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Make your brand more professional with our unmatched IVR services with dedicated features like IVR menu options, Live panel, Call recording, and many more.

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Provide 24x7 customer support

With IVR, at any hour of the day, you can provide your clients with a way to communicate with your firm. When customers call your IVR phone, they can select from the options on your IVR menu that are open. The IVR framework dynamically routes the calls to the appropriate person in your team based on client inputs. And if the agents are not present, clients are presented with an option to leave a voice message so that, when they are online, the agents will get back to them. Your company is up 24×7 with an IVR number and it is the road to better customer retention, improvising brand loyalty.

Personalized Welcome Greetings

In making a company effective, consumer service and branding play a vital role. You can achieve both, both consumer service and branding, through an IVR system. You will set up personalised customer greetings under the IVR list. They can say things like “Welcome to [Your Company Name]. Let us know how we can assist you” whenever your client calls you. IVR makes your business support system work like a breeze, allowing your clients the luxury to communicate in seconds with you. An IVR framework means fast customer service, which is one of the most significant considerations in the eyes of consumers, which will not only improve consumer’s loyalty towards your brand but also your brand value.

Step up the productivity of your team

A big pile of client questions can be managed with automation with the aid of a smart IVR menu. Thanks to the input processing capability of IVR, it is easy to take care of primary details needed to provide assistance such as customer identity, customer ID, phone number, etc. without the requirement for agents. All this detail is now visible on their computer by the time the call is redirected to a legitimate support agent. IVR programmes ensure that 100% of the service representatives invest time on addressing actual customer issues rather than doing redundant activities such as gathering client names , phone numbers, and email addresses.

Grow big by controlling vast amounts of calls

By individually dealing with incoming requests and smartly forwarding calls to the right person in the right department, IVR helps even small service teams to manage huge volumes of customer calls. For eg, if a customer simply needs to check the balance in the account, without troubling the support agents, this activity can be automated with IVR. ,If a consumer wants assistance with a product, it is possible to pass the call to the appropriate person in the service department, If the call is for billing, It can be redirected to the sales staff, all with the assistance of an IVR service. A cloud-based IVR framework automates a major part of the process of call handling, allowing any number of calls to be taken care of.

Transform callers into clients

A successful IVR service can also act as a successful advertising platform as well. And you can also use the IVR service as a lead-generation tool along with live support with the aid of a custom IVR interface. You can ask callers a set of questions on your IVR number and eligible callers can be linked with the sales agents. With IVR calls, the method of communicating with potential clients can be largely streamlined, transforming the first-time callers into consumers. The delicate combination between technology and the human contact offered by an IVR device makes it a distinctive lead conversion mechanism for consumer engagement.

Improved marketing with
IVR Services

The IVR service is a proven communications device that can be used in any phase of the consumer journey. An IVR framework will assist you in everything, from meeting clients and gathering their information to delivering assistance and sustaining relationships. You can ignite conversations with potential clients, satisfy them with your offerings and turning them into lifelong fans with the help of an IVR number in your marketing promotions and brand advertising. IVR can also be used with only a few taps to gain feedback from your clients, which can make them feel important while offering useful insights to strengthen your business.

Why Choose our IVR Services?

We promise round-the-clock service for all customers. We treat each call as an opportunity to solve a problem for our clients and improve our relationships. That’s how we won and continue to maintain the faith that 6000 + businesses bestow on us for the management of their business calls. You will be entitled to our finest customer service, 24X7, as a partner. You can still call us toll-free at (number) if you require any technical assistance, need to add a new feature, or need any advice with your IVR number, and our customer service team will be there to assist you and provide you with a solution.

Our IVR number comes with uncommon cloud telephony attributes, such as a live call transfer facility and 99.99 percent uptime. With live call shift, without disconnecting the call, the agents can also refer customers to other agents. In a single call, the settlement of customer complaints leads to a higher customer satisfaction score. The IVR service number is cloud-based. You don’t have to set up any hardware, nor invest money on capital expenditure. An online set-up of IVR numbers is given by us. If you sign up with us, your company,s IVR number will be set up by our team in less than one business day.

Live Panel

Using our interactive panel for IVR services, you can watch all the live calls and analyze real-time call logs, data and statistics.

Recording Call

To track the standard and provide more effective training for employees, you can store all your IVR calls on a secure cloud.

Integration of CRM

You can view all the information and past call logs of your client on your dashboard and when they last called up your team.

Remote Teams

This IVR feature helps the support staff to operate with a cloud-based smartphone IVR number from anywhere at any time.

IVR Menu

Our IVR services allow you to create custom greeting voice notes followed by IVR options to match your callers with respective agents.

Call Reports

It provides you with deeper call analysis for data-driven business decisions with regular, weekly, and monthly call analytics reports.

Keep your business serviceable 24x7 with IVR Services

IVR services help your clients, right on their devices, to connect with your company round the clock. You might have communicated with an IVR device if you have ever called a bank’s helpline or any corporation.

Automate a portion of the call handling process and improve the efficiency of the workforce. With a cloud-based IVR system, the company can accommodate an infinite amount of calls from consumers and investors, allowing you the flexibility to expand the company.

Affordable plans for IVR Services

Choose the best plan that fits your needs at an affordable price.



Starting @ ₹900 

(per 3460 SMS)

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS Package  

Starting @ ₹2200 

(per 10000 SMS)

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Pack 

Starting @ ₹400 

(per 1000 SMS)

Need Help?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about IVR services.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a programme for the telephone system that prompts callers with captured messages and options, and from these menus handles voice feedback and/or touch-phone keypad choices. The IVR script responds to this feedback by providing sufficient voice response information or by providing a link to a live operator.

IVR software can be established in a timely manner by Mobonair’s trained personnel. Mobonair employees will review the IVR specifications prior to entering an agreement and they will be mutually approved by both you and Mobonair. Mobonair programmers will begin creating this application after the contract has been signed and will include a beta version for you to accept. It will be introduced at our IVR call centre until accepted and further checked, or delivered to you with your IVR phone system. Depending on the size of this application, this whole process usually takes only a few days or weeks.

Yes, Indeed. Since Mobonair has been in operation and has always supported its customers with after sales support. As well as 24 hour email addresses, emergency after hours assistance is also available.

Your IVR specifications will be assessed by Mobonair technical personnel and an assessment of how long the project will take to execute. A flow and concept plan is created and someone within the company approves this document (in most situations, this execution is merely a matter of days after the contract has been signed). Mobonair asks for your analysis after the IVR has been established. There are occasions when an evolving condition causes the built IVR to be altered. These can also be introduced by Mobonair developers, often at an extra expense.

Mobonair staff can create the IVR software or your own employees can configure it. Mobonair staff will develop the IVR software needed to answer your calls while your application is running on our call centre. Mobonair offers a full IVR User Guide as well as instruction that will help the developers build and manage their own apps if you have opted to design your own apps.

Yes, Mobonair supports XML Pull and Online Access Knowledge Logic, which helps our IVR phone system to make external internet requests for information. Using this method, information stored anywhere on the network can be provided to the callers. Text information can be obtained through discrete messages to other websites (or servers) using our Text To Speech application programme, and this information can be translated into a voice message that is instantly played back to the recipient. Using our phone system, nearly every sort of information can now be conveyed to a recipient.

Actually, upgrades to any operating machine or web-based service that is available via the network can be submitted through the IVR system. To ensure the information is accurately modified, this includes communication with the managed site. For additional information about this method, contact Mobonair help or visit our IVR XML Push web page.

Using our online IVR reports, the IVR findings can be checked on a real time basis. For your IVR programme, personalised monitoring and review can be built and these reports can be delivered to the company either by email or fax on a periodic basis. IVR reports can also be submitted to your computer systems on a real-time basis using our IVR VoiceXML procedures.

No, there are no secret costs, only the initial setup and constant use costs associated with it. Mobonair will also supply the company with a turnkey IVR phone device, unlike most of our rivals, and can create this functionality for you as well. This device needs a one-time licence and possible recurring upgrade payments for our applications.