Introduction Of SMS

Short Message Service, better known as SMS or text messaging, is a telecommunications service that allows the sending of short (160 characters or less) text-based messages between mobile phones .SMS is generally available on all wireless.networks globally and can reach virtually all of the 4-6 billion mobile devices in use today, making it the world’s most pervasive data communications technology.

SMS messages can be typically sent and received within seconds throughout the world. Approximately 8 trillion SMS messages are expected to be sent globally in 2014, 1.6 trillion of which will be application-to-person messages (A2P).

With the increasing focus on mobile

marketing, mobile banking and healthcare A2P messages are expected to increase

significantly over the next five years.

SMS offers businesses a compelling communication channel for effective, two-way interaction with customers and prospects.

 It can extend brand awareness, create customer loyalty and deliver timely content or critical information, providing the immediacy and Interactivity no other medium can offer.

 Attracted by the unique characteristics offered by SMS, businesses are increasingly utilizing the anytime, anywhere mobile channel as part of a multichannel communication strategy.

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By connecting to the university existing system, all interest information is dynamically linked to B-SWU system for further distribution to the registered users.

 With the inexpensive costs of SMS enabled in all GSM mobiles, it can be useful and accessible to all users anywhere and anytime.

Moreover, bulk SMS system can be applied

commercially to reach target groups more efficiently and has been wildly used in CRM (Customer Relation Management).

In order to successfully use bulk SMS system,

there are some important points of SMS we have to be concerned about:

• In order to make SMS work it is important to

make sure that all information that we need to

inform the users are included in the message.

• Be aware that one message can contain only

160 characters. Try to pack it as tight as pos-

sible. If necessary, split it into two or more

messages. However, the more messages sent,

the more cost paid.

• Create a clear message. Currently, people like to use abbreviations to make messages fit.

Even though some abbreviations are accepted

to be a standard, try not to use them to often

in order to avoid unclear abbreviations.

• Try not to send SPAM. Junk message or too

many messages will degrade the value of


Avoid sending message to unregistered users because it breaches people’s privacy.


Person-to-Person (P2P) and Application-to-Person (A2P) are the two

categories of SMS messages.

 While P2P messages connect one individual to another, A2P messages, or what

we call Business to Person messages, are used by companies that want to interact with

consumers via an SMS application.

Standard Rate SMS

Standard rate mobile messaging services (also known as bulk SMS) allow companies to

send quantities of SMS quickly and efficiently.

Generally, text messaging charges are not applied to the mobile subscriber’s wireless bill or deducted from a subscriber’s messaging plan allowance when they receive messages from an application (known as Mobile Terminated, or MT, messages).

 However, text messaging charges do apply when they send messages from their phone to an application (known as Mobile Originated, or MO, messages). An exception to this is found in the US and Canada, where many mobile operators charge for both sending and receiving text messages.

Free to End User SMS (FTEU)

In countries, such as the US, where mobile subscribers pay network operator charges to

both send and receive SMS messages, FTEU messaging allows businesses to set up

programs that are free of operator charges for their consumers.

The business absorbs the messaging cost on behalf of the consumer – whether sending or receiving SMS messages, the consumer pays nothing.




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