Send International SMS To India Directly With MobonAir

There are many reasonable international sms supplier corporations in india. Choosing one International SMS provider company over therefore several corporations is troublesome. You can try out some free trials with totally different panels. MobonAir India is one of the simplest and reasonable Bulk SMS Provider Company in India.

Here are some options of MobonAir India that can be useful for your business or services:

· Transactional Bulk SMS and Promotional Bulk SMS availability with OTP, Alarm, miss call, reminder SMS and a lot of.

· Other services: voice SMS, business SMS, email selling etc.

· Faster SMS gateway network.

· Higher ROI and effective API.

· User-friendly panel.

· Cheap pricing with quality services.

· Instant delivery.

· Six Digit Sender ID (like AM-RPG MS).

· twenty four*seven customer care service.
Build sure you must check below things before you select one:

Delivery rate

Remember, no company can be in a position to supply one hundred% delivery. Don’t fall in such traps. Normal delivery rates are 90–98%. Because delivering SMS to mobile is not service provider’s job. It’s the job of operator.

Submitting SMS is the job of your provider. Delivery depends on operator.

Delivery speed

Time taken to send one SMS will be three to ten seconds is the quality one. Sometimes it may take 10 to 45 seconds relying on receiver’s network availability within the device.

If you’re sending bulk in numbers via excel, it would possibly take it slow.

Ease of application.

I have found that few customers complained that dashboard is straightforward. I’d like to feature that being having straightforward dashboard is best and reliable than having many options. It can make you left confused.

Reports, adding contacts via excel or copy-paste, scheduling, sender ID, customized SMS, regional language SMS (Unicode).

Tech support

At somepoint of time, you would possibly want some support from your provider. Make positive you speak to any support government and understand that how much time it takes to resolve a complaint.

Also perceive, how a lot of data the customer support team has in specific field.

Send International SMS To India Directly

Now A days in year 2021 sending international sms to india from other countries is quiet costly. MobonAir Brings A best solution for clients , if they are looking to send online bulk sms in India From Any Other countries like United State Of America , Europe to india , Singapore to India , China To India at very very low pricing, then must contact us.

How marketing plays an important key role in the business I guess you know about it because it’s a matter which directly relate revenue generated by firm. Because if your product is more popular among the peoples there is lot of chances to increase in your sales because branding makes the product more dependable and nobody wants to invest on non-reliable products. So first you need to market the product but marketing is the costly process. But if marketing process is done by right way we can decrease its cost. At that time there is lot of strategies in market and every strategy has their own individual benefits but we going to tell you one important strategy in next few minute which is cheaper than all but has more effective to other and which name is Bulk SMS Service.


Bulk SMS Service is quick service in which a short message is send over the data many people reached with this message and the interested client call on the executive number. Or Bulk SMS is a time saving process and many people connect towards your product in minutes.

With the introduction of latest TRAI updates related to Bulk SMS, a new methodology has been implemented for sending Bulk SMS in India. As per the revised TRAI rules, every company and business enterprise will now have to register on the DLT platform to continue sending International SMS To India . The main objective of this regulation is to bring transparency and reduce the occurrence of spam messages.

What Is DLT Platform & How To Get Register On DLT ?

DLT registration for sending Bulk SMS in India

In order to send Bulk SMS, a company needs to register on any of the following DLT operators:

  • Jio
  • Vodafone
  • Airtel
  • Videocon
  • BSNL

For registration, you need to fill your company details, upload your business documents and after entering all the requested details, submit the registration application. Your details and documents will be verified by the DLT operator and upon successful verification, your entity will get registered successfully on the DLT portal. Once the entity registration gets completed, next step is to add Telemarketer in your DLT account. Telemarketer is the Bulk SMS Service Provider from which you have purchased the SMS service. After that, you need to submit Header (Sender ID) and Message Templates (Consent and Content).

As per the new guidelines, every Sender ID and every message text has to be first submitted on the DLT platform and once it gets approved, then only it can be sent to the target customer group.

sending bulk sms in india

Sender ID has to be created based on your company name. For promotional SMS, numeric Sender ID of six digits and for Service category SMS, alphabetic Sender ID of six characters has to be used. If you want to send Promotional SMS to your customers, then it is mandatory to submit Consent template on the DLT platform. Content template is the actual message text that has to be approved by DLT. Once all the details are approved by DLT, you can add registered DLT details with your Bulk SMS Service Provider.

TRAI regulations are aimed to safeguard the consumer interests and make the Bulk SMS sending process safe and secure.

Top 5 place where you need BulkSMS Service

1. Real Estate Sector :- The best service for in real estate sector is BulkSMS Service because through the Bulk SMS campaign you can generate the better response. Many people used this service for commercial and residential project. This is best way to reach with interested client in a cheaper way.

2. For school and colleges : – BulkSMS Service played an important role in education system in the upcoming admission session. You can update your students for the future scenario like tomorrow is school closed, today is the last day for the assignment submission etc. these type of message you can send to the student and for the promotion of school and colleges you can also send the messages over student data.

3. In a Banking sector : – in banking sector you can also used this service for updating the customer and sending the alert. This is very useful service also security reason.

4. Retail services : – many e-commerce site also used this service for getting the popularity among the people because by this you site reached with many people in a seconds.

5. For Tour and Travel :- For Tour and Travel business you can also use this service for promote your travel agency and for the ticket booking confirmation you can used this service best service for marketing your business.

 As you are looking for best support and competitive price MobonAir is the best option for you . Multiple connectivity’s from various mobile operators to reduce latency and handover process.

Report tracking: Now, with reliable tracking system ofMobonAir , one can track the delivery reports of mobile subscriber. We do provide all kinds of SMS Services like Promotional, Transactional, otp sms , sms api , Bulk Voice Call, Missed call solutions .

 We provide Messaging Solution’s to all industries such as Travel and Logistics, Education, Healthcare, ITes/IT Companies, Transport, Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, Real Estate, Airlines, Stock Brokers, E-commerce, etc.

We provide very affordable pricing for different packages to user as well as reseller platforms, through which someone will get high margins too. We have direct telecom operator connection, .

Instant delivery and reports,

100% delivery,

Dedicated manager for your account, 24*7*365 service and support timings,

White labeling platform and many more awesome features are available with us.

Why MobonAir Only ?

international bulksms

Quality and Price – Both are the demands of market.With keeping these two in mind our customers increases daily

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • 2- way SMS
  • Short Code Service
  • Long Code Service
  • Voice calls.

Our Vendorship With All Following Since 2013

  1. Plenty of schools, colleges are using our panel.
  2. Many MNCs are using our inbuilt system.
  3. Minimum rates better quality.
  4. Easy to understand and will be setup in minutes after your approval.

Merits –

  • Customer Sender – ID
  • Excel- plugin
  • API integration in every software.
  • Manage Groups and customers.
  • Manage templates.Schedule Messages.
  • Approved by TRAI.
  • Lifetime validity of messages & no other charges.

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