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Bulk SMS Provider At Aminabad Lucknow

If You Are Looking For Bulk SMS Service Provider Aminabad . then you have an option of best and reliable digital marketing agency name “MobonAir India”

bulk sms service priovider aminabad

, really fast and stable when it comes to usage. I haven’t detected any downtime for my campaigns, and we’ve been using this solution in a few industries (mainly e-commerce & retail startups ).

You can schedule your campaigns, use data to customize them, collaborate with sub-accounts and include short links and rich media in your SMS messages.

Regardless of the industry, SMS enables fast and direct communication with clients, leads and employees. You can send financial reminders, updates and ma

rketing messages with this relatively inexpensive medium.

And that’s exactly what we do with SMSAPI.

It allows us to add

 elements such as:

  • SMS sender names
  • short links
  • send on dnd numbers
  • instant delivery

As well as use templates, send SMS newsletter or birthday messages, personalize content, and even leverage loyalty program

Company Name – Mobonair.in

Service – Bulk SMS Promotion , SMS Marketing , Business Promotion sms , Personalize SMS Service , Transactional Message

Registration – DLT Registration & Without DLT Registration

Phone Number – 9911539003  Whatsapp +91-9911539003

Address – Aminabad Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226026


Highly Accepted Medium of Promotion

is a reliable, fast and affordable marketing channel to connect with your target customers speedily and advertise your products and services in a cost-effective manner. The traditional communication tools like email marketing, print media, radio ads, hoardings are no longer relevant nowadays. It is because these tools fail to provide an instant connection with the target audience and are expensive to integrate. However, Bulk SMS Marketing is a quick and easy way to spread awareness of your brand and advertise it in the lowest possible cost.

Features of General Bulk SMS

Features of Bulk SMS marketing

Seek Permission

Prior to sending bulk messages, you must ensure that your customers have agreed to receive messages from you. This can only be done by an opt-in. You can build a reliable SMS database by acquiring permission from your customers. But to do this, you must make this easy for customers to join in your messaging list.

Send Direct Messages

When you are preparing your text messages, avoid adding too many details. SMS is limited to 160 characters only, and so, make sure that you include all vital points within this limit. An effective SMS message is one which contains, ‘what is in there for you, the customer?’ This is what will be the attractive factor to lure customers.

Send Relevant Messages

One cannot overemphasize the relevance of a text message. Here segmentation and targeting play an important role. So, when you are designing your message, you need to consider your demographics and target group.

Send Personal Message

Bulk SMS is an effective strategy to build up a long term and unique relationship with your customers.

Scheduling Your Message

The timing of your text message is also important. This is crucial as the most attractive and creative SMS will fail in its objective if not properly timed. For instance, do not send messages during the standard office hours of customers when they will be busy and when they will more likely to ignore messages.

Features Of Promotional Bulk Message

Features of Promotional SMS:

  1. Numeric Sender Identity of six alphabets
  2. Delivery of SMS on Non DND numbers only
  3. 9 A.M to 9 P.M timings to send SMS
  4. Bulk upload of contacts via excel, notepad
  5. Real time reporting system
  6. Send SMS in regional languages like Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi etc.
  7. Message scheduling
  8. Add signature
  9. Lifetime validity
  10. 160 characters = 1 SMS credit, 161–306 characters = 2 SMS credits..

These are some basic features of promotional SMS.

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