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Excel Plugin – Excel add-ins overview

An Excel Plugin allows you to extend Excel application functionality across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iPad, and in a browser. Use Excel add-ins within a workbook to:

  • Interact with Excel objects, read and write Excel data.
  • Extend functionality using web based task pane or content pane
  • Add custom ribbon buttons or contextual menu items
  • Add custom functions
  • Provide richer interaction using dialog window

The Office Add-ins platform includes a framework and Office.js JavaScript APIs for creating and running Excel add-ins. You will receive the following benefits if you create your Excel add-in utilising the Office Add-ins platform.

  • Cross-platform support: Excel add-ins run in Office on the web, Windows, Mac, and iPad.
  • Centralized deployment: Admins can quickly and easily deploy Excel add-ins to users throughout an organization.
  • Use of standard web technology: Create your Excel add-in using familiar web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Distribution via AppSource: Share your Excel add-in with a broad audience by publishing it to AppSource

Components of an Excel Plugin

An Excel add-in includes two basic components: a web application and a configuration file, called a manifest file.

The web application uses the Office JavaScript API to interact with objects in Excel, and can also facilitate interaction with online resources. For example, an add-in can perform any of the following tasks.

  • Create, read, update, and delete data in the workbook (worksheets, ranges, tables, charts, named items, and more).
  • Perform user authorization with an online service by using the standard OAuth 2.0 flow.
  • Issue API requests to Microsoft Graph or any other API.

The web application can be hosted on any web server, and can be built using client-side frameworks (such as Angular, React, jQuery) or server-side technologies (such as ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP).

The manifest is an XML configuration file that defines how the add-in integrates with Office clients by specifying settings and capabilities such as:

  • The URL of the add-in’s web application.
  • The add-in’s display name, description, ID, version, and default locale.
  • How the add-in integrates with Excel, including any custom UI that the add-in creates (ribbon buttons, context menus, and so on).
  • Permissions that the add-in requires, such as reading and writing to the document.

To enable end users to install and use an Excel add-in, you must publish its manifest either to AppSource or to an add-ins catalog. For details about publishing to AppSource, see Make your solutions available in AppSource and within Office.

Capabilities of an Excel Plugin

Excel Plugin can interact with the workbook’s content in addition to adding custom ribbon buttons or menu commands, inserting task panes, adding custom functions, opening dialogue boxes, and even embedding rich, web-based objects like charts or interactive visualisations within a worksheet.

Add-in commands

The Excel UI is extended with add-in commands, which initiate add-in actions. In Excel, you can utilise add-in commands to add a button to the ribbon or an item to a context menu. Users can start processes when they choose an add-in command, such as launching JavaScript code or displaying an add-in page in a task window.

excel plugin

Send Bulk SMS Via Excel Sheet Plugin

To send notifications, transactional SMS, OTPs, and even a blast to 1 million+ numbers in one go, bulk SMS is a highly helpful service in the communication industry.

Sending promotional messages in bulk is a good way to advertise your goods or services or keep clients informed of any new information.

Excel makes it simple to send group SMS.

What Is all Process to send personalised bulk sms through excel plugin ?

Using the BULK SMS Excel plugin, you may send bulk SMS directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

To send messages directly from a spreadsheet, you must first install this plugin.

You can accomplish the Following things with Excel SMS plugin :

You can send SMS messages.
You are able to Examine the remaining credits
You can purchase SMS credits directly and view delivery reports.
SMS Transmission:

To send SMS from a spreadsheet, pick the List of recipients’ cellphone numbers, and then enter your message, which should not exceed 160 characters.

After crafting your message, you may send it to thousands of customers from an excel spreadsheet with only one click.

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