Election Promotion

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 Advantages of Online Campaigning

1. Reaching More People

Online campaigns help you reach anyone with Internet access. You don’t need people’s addresses or phone numbers to reach them. The Internet also exposes your campaign to more demographics, particularly young people who have traditionally been difficult to reach.

2. Campaign Analysis

Whether you run a campaign website or reach people through other websites through advertising and social networking, website analytics help you track how well your campaign is going by determining what type of content is attracting the most web traffic.

3. Speed of Information

An online campaign enables you to update information instantly, whether through your campaign website, mass emails and texts, blog or social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. When President Obama campaigned in 2008, he announced his running mate to his supporters via email and SMS.

4. Cost Effectiveness

With an online campaign you save money on printing, paper and canvassing staff. It could hypothetically reach more people and cost less money. This possibility sounds promising; however, it isn’t proven. Just because a group is campaigning online doesn’t mean that it is effectively winning support.