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The elections are the heart and soul in any country for selecting the right leaders in order to achieve the outcome of nation-building. And we, as the citizens of a democratic country are responsible to choose the best person to rule the nation. As the election season is coming up in some parts of our country, it is the best time for the political associations and parties to extend their support with the public.

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This would generate a relation call for efficient management and interaction with the public. The public has to call for all the duties and matters that they want the leaders to carry forward in the upcoming manifestos. But, the question arises that how these leaders are going to address such a mass group of people together for discussing the future of the nation.

Presently, it is quite vague to organize a procession for contacting every 18+ voters in each of the constituencies for undermining the election exposure. However, what can then be done? How can the voice of the entire nation be heard? It can be concluded that proper action is necessary. One needs to take the help of the bulk SMS software and services. To attain the attention of all the citizens, the bulk messaging is the best possible way that too at very affordable rates.

At Mobonair, they ensure the most satisfactory and pleasant SMS services. Be it the category of voice messaging or promotional messages, the services are at par with all the necessary attributes. Bulk SMS gateway services in India are opted to experience the advanced form of promotions and the communication system for sending SMS. One needs to do a free sign-up, for registering to the services and after that one will receive some free SMS for the purpose of demo and testing. Mobonair also has an excellent range of messaging packages and plans that one can choose as per the need.

Innovation is going rapidly with time and it has become necessary to advance the attributes for nation-building and develop channels with the customers. Carrying out a successful Bulk messaging campaign takes care of the odds of winning the political associations. The election campaigns require the usage of promotional messages and WhatsApp messages for developing the connection with the citizens. So, let’s see how Mobonair is working in order to run a successful election campaign.

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Promotional messages for elections

  1. Deals exclusively with messages for generating public support: Many parties are so busy with their existing manifestos and deadlines to accomplish, that they are not giving any time to concentrate on the all-important attribute of elections that is promotions. The impact of a party always relies on its promotional activities and they should have a stronghold on them. Mobonair aids these political associations by making their tasks quite simple and one can easily send promotional messages without wasting any time to any number of people living in any part of the world. The accessibility is also quite nice for Mobonair to reach anyone and hence, they can bring citizens in support of the elections campaigns through the measures of promising affordable rates and fewer efforts. The services of promotional messages by Mobonair are quite different as they not only aid in sending promotional bulk messages but also analyze and give a report for the content which can help in bringing the higher magnitude of reach and traffic. According to a recent report, the parties help in bringing the changes in their manifestos in accordance with the requirements of the public. Also, when a party brings a new leader in their association, Mobonair analyses the reach of the information in the city or the constituency. The feedbacks tell about the country’s betterment and its functioning attributes. Parties can also improve on their budget base with Mobonair by influencing the firms through promotional messages rather than an advertisement or hoarding which increases the cost.
  2. Extended public connections from big associations to small farmers: Mobonair provides its services at an affordable rate in order to reach the maximum number of people. There may be manifestos that are generally known amongst youngsters or elder ones, so here the target-based strategy for marketing can be established through the services of Mobonair for reaching small farmers and artisans too. They tell about the target audience compared on the basis of their age, income, and occupation. The motive of sending bulk promotional messages is made problem free through Mobonair’s single-click alert services in which one can forward all the messages instantly. It is transferred to the people within a few seconds and that message can be sent across the globe through any device and the available networks. It can be easily used when traveling from one place to others as well. One can master the skill of messaging through excel sheets and it can be scheduled for delivering on any required day and location. Mobonair aids in promoting politics by maintaining contact with citizens using promotional messages.

How to use WhatsApp in elections through Mobonair?

Here are the methods by which Mobonair aids the political parties to use WhatsApp in the election campaigns.

1.     The usage of WhatsApp for communication with the party members

As soon as any party develops a new method or tool for the electoral benefits, the implementation requires internal communication with the party members. But, what happens is that members tend to neglect the official emails regarding the new strategies. However, if the service is given through WhatsApp message many would react to it as they regularly remain online on WhatsApp. The best part about WhatsApp is the ability of it to indulge everyone to use it without any pre-requisite training. The other advantage is that one doesn’t need to ask the leaders to check the WhatsApp again and again. Mobonair ensures the formation of groups related to political manifestos on WhatsApp and follows instant messages which don’t require any email which comes under SMS marketing. The services are quite fast and easy to use. Through WhatsApp Web, it becomes relatively easy to enter messages via a web browser.

2.     The usage of WhatsApp for communication with authorities and other parties

It has become a trend that communication with other leaders on WhatsApp is more effective than telephonic calls and tends to bring more success to a party. As no one likes to receive calls from numbers that are not known, the party leaders are more likely to reply to personal messages through WhatsApp business accounts anytime they are online. The business account feature of WhatsApp brings great level of coordination and engagement. Apart from that, it provides an opportunity to be informal and be in the personal space of the parties and hence, send SMS free online.

3.  Election Management Service |   24 X 7 SMS support through WhatsApp

The WhatsApp India is a great option for supporting politics at a large magnitude. The parties always try to send a text through WhatsApp in place of calling at the helpdesk or issuing a ticket. Mobonair, a chat development platform encompasses the use of WhatsApp for supporting these political associations whenever needed. Many election consultations and detailed study can be easily accomplished over WhatsApp. Even, the new changes which provide tools & API facility are setting up a support system for parties via WhatsApp. However, the offer made to these parties through WhatsApp can be a good option for only some of them but still, it can be used as a means to contribute to electoral strategies. For telecommunication purposes, it may not be a feasible option to reply to every text of WhatsApp & hence many parties may not prefer it. So, select the WhatsApp business account as a means of support to the citizens in the case if the party is having quite less number of leaders associated with it.

4.     WhatsApp messages for manifestos strategies & promoting the elections

WhatsApp has been realized as a powerful tool for promoting any kind of election. It is a single platform for directly communicating with the listeners. One can use the WhatsApp application for sending images, audios, video clips for the products and texts around the globe. There is a very little restriction on WhatsApp qualities in comparison to an SMS or Email and chances of delivering are also high. This doesn’t state that parties should create a nuisance with the citizens through WhatsApp messages for manifestos. However, one should use the WhatsApp for connecting with the existing old leaders in place of trying with the new contestants. No one likes the messages popping from the unknown sources and if one gets a really exciting response then, they need to come up with the great ideas for promoting the interest of the party through WhatsApp. Many regional parties create their own list of manifestos and public speeches through WhatsApp which promotes the elections and democracy in our country.

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