bulk sms service

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk sms service is easiest fastest online mode of information sending option to defined number of  mobile number groups . It is also the quickest way to send text message anywhere globally in 1 second . Our bulk message sender platform makes incredibly easy to import and manage contacts , and enable you to send in hindi english and all regional languages .We also have versatile and scalable APIs for any application / CRM to implement Bulk Message with excel plugins to personalise any information.

Our seamless connection with numerous telecom providers and intelligent AI Based bulk sms sending platform that assures your bulk sms with proper live delivery report.

2022 Upgraded Bulk SMS Sender UI

Send Personalise SMS To Users, quick OTPs, alerts, two-way communications, and other award-winning bulk SMS offerings improve revenue and customer loyalty.

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Use Personalise Excel Plugin

We Extend our bulk sms sender allows you next 2022 generation level upgraded feature that is our bulk sms excel plugin  feature. This is the easy way to send personalised texts to all your contacts instantly. You can send unlimited text messages from your excel sheet without any limitation. The convenient Excel plug-in  within your spreadsheet and connects to Mobonair SMS gateway.

Express more within 160 characters. Insert photos , videos, PDFs, and spreadsheets easily in your Bulk SMS Campaign promotion using shortlinks and seize the attention of your customers.

Monitor number of clicks, mobile numbers and factors such as device type, Operating System, Browser information. Use this data to analyze your Bulk SMS campaign output and understand exactly your niche.

Create an ultimate Bulk SMS Campaign by evaluating the CTA, time, and product that performs better and regularly monitor your campaign outputs.

Track the recipients who responded to your Bulk SMS Campaign and re-target them by directly calling them or sending them an offer via SMS.

API & 3rd Party Applications

Our Stable & Efficient API helps you to establish a messaging portal using compatible frameworks (PHP, ASP, .NET, JAVA, C , C++, VB) on your web-based or any 3rd party application.

In addition to API connectivity, SMPP connectivity, FTP upload, database drop, or any customized connectivity form may also be supported to satisfy your requirements.

You can also utilise our documentation to integrate our Bulk SMS API and start your Bulk SMS campaign within minutes.

Whatsapp bulk message sender

Whatsapp bulk message sender allows you to send notification on whatsapp in bulk , like Send shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders and other notifications on WhatsApp using our APIs.

Your Marketing Approach Makes Your Advertising Easier and hassle free without tension on DLT and dnd / nondnd.

Our Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Panel allows users to Send Text, Images, Videos, Pdf etc.


Promotional Bulk SMS Marketing

Mobonair Wireless brings to you exclusive promotional SMS service that gives you instant access to sending bulk promotional SMS to multiple users, in no time at all with the Mobonair Promotional SMS Gateway, you can promote your services and products among your clients and potential customers using promotional SMS service with ease.

Mobonair Wireless offering Instant Messaging with instant delivery reports. These messages or SMS are delivered instantly and this is recommended for clients who wants to promote their services and want people to update their customer or get new customers lead etc. through SMS with fastest speed. We have three dedicated gateways for our Reputed clients. With this service SMS are delivered to only to non DND numbers. We do not compromise quality with price and our SMS are delivered instantly. We also help you to send SMS to targeted customer base. We can target customer on basis of their income, age group, gender, location, work profile etc.

Product Info

Use promotional bulk SMS campaigns to spread awareness about your existing or newly launched services and products. 

Sale & Offers

Send discounts and offers to your existing customers using promotional bulk SMS campaigns to increase your sale by 10x.

Upcoming Event

Notify and make your audience participate in upcoming events, new product releases, or seasonal sales using promotional SMS.

Opt-in SMS

Analyze the people who respond to your bulk SMS campaign using opt-in SMS where you can request users to rsvp for any offer/event.

Transactional SMS is used for every time-critical message like stock Alerts, Bank transaction alerts, School SMS, transaction alert on order purchase through a website, order confirmation, order delivery status, and much more.

We have five dedicated gateway and one Back Up Gateway for our high priority clients to send transactional SMS. We also provide DND open route for this service with the option of opt in keyword-based system or template based white list system. 

Alert SMS

Transactional SMS can be used to send OTP on registered mobile numbers, bank transaction details, stock alerts, informative messages, booking information and order details.

Delivered to All

Transactional SMS can be delivered to both DND and non-DND numbers at any time 24×7. These SMS can be assigned a 6-digit alphanumeric ID corresponding to your brand name.

Affordable plans for Bulk SMS campaigns

Choose the best plan that fits your needs at an affordable price.



Starting @ ₹900 

(per 3460 SMS)

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS Package  

Starting @ ₹2200 

(per 10000 SMS)

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Pack 

Starting @ ₹400 

(per 1000 SMS)

Need Help?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about bulk SMS and our services.

‘Bulk SMS’ or ‘bulk texting’ refers to companies sending SMS via software platforms like Mobonair to one or more recipients. In the case of transactional or promotional broadcasts, bulk SMS can scale thousands or even millions of recipients. Alternatively, bulk SMS can also mean individual SMS sent to clients during an operation, such as receiving a credit card purchase notification. Both of these operations can be easily conducted from our bulk SMS service platforms as we allow companies to build, plan, deliver and manage SMS campaigns.

Bulk SMS is used for product marketing, knowledge exchanges, transactional notices, order notifications, notes, reviews and more by small businesses, multinational businesses, entrepreneurs, educational establishments, non-governmental organisations and various government agencies.

In today’s digital world, with 97 percent open rates (vs 10 percent -30 percent open rates for email and social media platforms) and four times the response rate, Bulk SMS marketing beats all other platforms by far. Bulk SMS can also help increase the rate of client conversion, lead generation, and loyalty by adding actionable references throughout the post.

The Telecom Commercial Contact Consumer Choice Rules, 2010 “was informed by TRAI, which classifies text messages according to the purpose or meaning of the content inside the text messages.” A simple overview is given here:

Promotional SMS Vs Transactional SMS

  • For delivering deals, rewards or coupons to new and current customers, promotional SMS is used. The messages may be accepted or not by the receivers. Transactional SMS, on the other hand, is used to send your registered customers OTPs, informative messages, booking and order alerts. For advertisement, they should not be expected.

  • Only non-DND numbers and opt-in numbers can be delivered promotional SMS, while transactional SMS can be sent to all subscribers, regardless of them being a Do-Not-Disturb (DND) number.

  • Time window to send Promotional SMS is between 9 AM and 9 PM while Transactional SMS can be sent anytime 24×7.

  • Promotional bulk SMS can be provided with a random 6-digit Sender ID assigned by the telecom operator while Transactional SMS can be assigned a 6-alpha character Sender ID of your choice which can correspond with your brand name.

Our bulk SMS platform and service is free to use and you only pay for the messages you send. You can purchase Mobonair SMS credits online and send both promotional and transactional SMS.

For text message:

1 – 160 character = 1 SMS Credit.
161 – 306 characters = 2 SMS Credits.
307 – 459 character = 3 SMS Credits.

For unicode message:

1 – 70 characters = 1 SMS Credit.
71 – 134 characters = 2 SMS Credits.
135 – 201 character = 3 SMS Credits.

With its award-winning functionality, direct telecom alliances and robust infrastructure backend, Mobonair lets you maximize ROI, no matter what your business requirements are. Be careful about fake providers, a s they normally come with poor-quality delivery and bogus reports; please look out for any bulk SMS service provider providing insanely low rates. Please contact us at +91-9454111011 for sales enquiries or email us at info@mobonair.in and we’ll get back to you.

Mobonair provides a simple, efficient and self-serve messaging app that allows downloading and retaining contacts, writing media-rich SMS, and sending smarter bulk SMS extremely easy. Flexible and scalable APIs to integrate SMS with any application / CRM are also provided by Mobonair. Our close integration with numerous telecom providers and intelligent SMS gateway infrastructure means that your bulk SMS promotions offer the best in class.

Follow the below steps to send bulk SMS online using Mobonair:

  • Sign up for a Mobonair account
  • Buy SMS credits
  • Add or upload contacts
  • Create your SMS in English or popular regional languages.
  • Build your campaigns – personalize using our easy template builder, insert short-links, attach files, pdf and more!
  • Schedule the message for later or send it right away.
  • Track real-time delivery reports

You can accept SMS from your customers using a long inbound code (10-digit numbers), short code (5-9 digit numbers), missed call number or dual VMNS.
To set up your SMS address and collect responses, you can buy either dedicated long / short codes or keywords on mutual long / short codes. Receiving messages is free for you and only costs the consumer their regular network fee. In your Mobonair account, all the messages will surface, so just log in and access them at your convenience. You may also opt to forward all inbound messages to you instantly for free via email.