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In this modern age of mobile devices, Bulk SMS is a great way of marketing your business, products/services to those potential customer segments as they provide many distinct benefits like large outreach, low prices, better conversion ratio compared to other forms of digital marketing campaigns like E-mail marketing and print adverts. And to achieve the desired results out of such bulk SMS marketing campaigns, it is equally important that you choose a proper Bulk SMS service provider India, that fits all your requirements and fits the bill in terms of price.

But choosing a Bulk SMS service provider India, should not solely be based on who offers the lowest price in the market, because some of the providers might offer the lowest prices but might not be giving the best service possible, by manipulating delivery reports and giving fake numbers even when the messages might not even have reached all those specified numbers of target customers. Thus it becomes highly important that we choose a proper Bulk SMS service provider India, to undertake the digital marketing campaign and to be successful in it.

The bulk SMS gateway facilitates the use of Promotional messages in four different ways, they are

  • Advertising
  • Sales promotions
  • Personal selling, and
  • Sales Promotion
  • Advertising:
  • The power of advertising is very well known for its effective marketing.  Advertising can be effectively done by bulk SMS provider, and it can address a large target audience very effectively. Also, advertising can be made through the internet and other social media platforms for business reasons.
  • Public Relations:
  • This type of bulk SMS facility is used for promoting a noble or society related activities that a company is pursuing. By doing so, it can pitch the name of the company as well to the general public and also it can increase the visibility of the company in the eyes of the general public. While serving for a genuine social cause, the bulk message service provider can also suitably portray the business activities they are pursuing and thereby attracting more traffic to the business.
  • Personal Selling:
  • Another type of promotional activity that can be carried out very well using the bulk SMS facility is Personal selling. Here the facility of bulk SMS helps the organizations to contact the individuals personally, and the customer feels the connect and respected when they are contacted personally.
  • Sales Promotion:
  • This can also be carried out by the help of Promotional text messaging. The bulk SMS provider can be very helpful to increase the sales of a company by suitably sending the business promotions, and short term offers at the right time to the right audience.

Thus from a business perspective, this bulk messaging service has many seamless applications, it need not only be used to promote a business’s product or services to the mass public, but also could be used a platform to get customer feedback about your services and product or could redirect them to your online website by giving a link to it in the message. Bulk messaging also lets you to tell your customers about any new product launch or offers that you might run in your stores, this is how many of the famous businesses have grown, like the food delivery services of swiggy’s, zomato’s, uber eats and travel booking agencies like Go Ibibo, Happy easy Go, and even the big e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. have used bulk messaging services to promote their offers and new service and product launches to their customers and get a better visibility and enhance consumer knowledge and awareness to grow their brands. These are just a few known examples of how big companies and small start-ups have grown big by using the power of mass marketing using bulk messaging services, but this power in no terms is limited to use only by the big players in the market, but also can be utilized by the small business ventures to help their cause greatly.

 Below are some of the facts that show the effectiveness of a properly done bulk message marketing strategy, A recent survey from the Nielsen’s have found that mobile messages have a staggering 99% average open rate, with 97.5% opens within 5 seconds of being received on the handset. SMS has 5X higher open rates, 5x higher response rates and 2400x quicker response times than Email.

Consumers often prefer to receive promotions by text message rather than internet-based mobile web according to research by the Direct Marketing Association, So Compared to other forms of communication such as email, mobile messaging involves far lesser spam and so, consumers are more attentive to their text messages. There is only 5% opt-out rates for SMS marketing campaigns. Thus the advantages that are, they help the marketing team immensely to push their ideas and promote their brands to the customers and make a dent in the minds of the customers to augment the business of the company these marketing people are representing. However, the Promotional messages should be used unobtrusively, and the acceptance of the promotional messages need to be increased to make it a more powerful tool for the marketing people and the company and brand as a whole.

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Customer Services:

The wide variety of services to the customers are like,

·        Promotional SMS: That lets one send Promotional SMS on Non-DND Numbers. Which can even contain images,  audio, and video in your messages & even track their statistics.

·        Transactional SMS: Use of  Transactional SMS to send your text alert or SMS notifications to DND & Non-DND Mobile Number customers, their Service is available in all regions of India with assured fastest Delivery.

·        Text Alert SMS: Lets you always keep in touch with your potential customers & clients.

·        WhatsApp Marketing: Lets you Use the power WhatsApp to your marketing campaign and target your right audience & maintain your global presence, given the current penetration levels of WhatsApp in our country.

·        SEO services: Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic that flow through your website through organic search engine visibility techniques.

·        OTP SMS: Integration of API for mobile apps and web development will help in integrating Automated Text Alert Services using the GET and POST methods

·        Other sets of activities that Text Alerts do include Bulk Voice callings, Digital marketing, and  Website development.


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