Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

Reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

Are you looking for bulk SMS service provider in Delhi? If yes, then Mobonair is the topmost service provider in this sector. In this competitive world, a planned marketing strategy aids in accomplishing perfect outcomes for a firm and enhance its client base. Mobonair is the best in the business wherever one needs bulk SMS services that too, at affordable rates. The growing trend of SMS marketing has resulted in excellent rise in sales and profits of enterprises.

You can transfer any message with the rapidly quick medium of SMS gateway provided by Mobonair. With instant message delivery and responses, it is one of the leading and most authentic Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi. Mobonair is offering numerous bulk SMS services of OTP messaging, call SMS, missed call services, alphanumeric code services, transactional SMS and promotional bulk messaging in the city of Delhi

Bulk SMS gateway services in Delhi are opted to experience the breath-taking and advanced form of marketing and the communication system for sending SMS. One needs to do a free sign-up, for registering to the services and after that one will receive some free SMS for the purpose of demo and testing. Mobonair also has an excellent range of messaging packages and plans that one can choose as per the need.

SMS API Gateway Service

The SMS API integration has become necessary for particular software to send unlimited messages to a client. Mobonair provides the right quality of API for the same and it has unique OTP SMS API, HTML API, SMPP API features. The provision of readymade API codes in developer languages of PHP, Dot net and Java are also available.

Unlike the orthodox methods of marketing, Bulk SMS services need the minimum support of humans. Apart from sending SMS, Mobonair aids in editing and syncing contacts, composing texts and so on. A single user is able to transfer messages to almost 20000 mobile customers at a time. The bulk SMS gateway ensures that the messages are sent to the users having both CDMA and GSM mobile technologies. These extraordinary features aid in ranking up the marketing campaign.

Applications of Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

It is a motive of every firm to create a positive imprint over customers and win their loyalty and trust. Bulk SMS easily proves to be a great medium for marketing and advertising at a very affordable price. A firm invests their earned money nowadays on many mediums for marketing and advertising that proves to be very costly in the end.

So, in that case, there becomes a necessity for creating a means for cheap advertising with long code & great marketing strategy. Therefore, bulk marketing service is an affordable tool that aids in greater conversion rates. The service by Mobonair is highly cheap and reliable.

In accordance with the data from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), mobile customers have risen from 14 million to 2 billion in India. In these numbers of users, many are still not having accessibility to smartphones. Due to this, the role of bulk SMS services has grown to a large level. The great advantage of using these services is that it gives a massive reach to customers. So, let us look at the applications of the SMS gateway.

Uses Of Bulk SMS Service

  • Creating advertisements and promotions for the products and services
  • Sending the information to a mass group of people
  • Opting for the promotional offers & coupons of discount
  • A reminder for a health check-up
  • A reminder for car servicing
  • Online order confirmation and its payment
  • Promotion service for political associations
  • Bulk SMS services for DND numbers
  • Promo for the DND messaging services
  • Transactional SMS for carrying out transactions
  • Management of schools by message alerts
  • Software billing for SMS applications
  • SMS API integration
  • Bulk messaging panel for the client base
  • Stock exchange messages for shares
  • Real Estate DND messages for property dealings
  • Promotion of property services
  • DND messaging for spas and salons
  • DND message delivery
  • DND Bulk messaging for API integration
  • Two ways bulk messaging
  • Creating invitations for the events
Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi  bulk sms services

The bulk SMS service by Mobonair engages an audience from different verticals for considering the unique services of it. The business strategy of Mobonair is well above the market requirement and it is at the top of its business for providing solutions for SMS. The delivery rate is considered to be very superior in comparison to the other SMS providers because it is having multiple SMS gateways of brands like JIO, Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, etc.

How does Bulk SMS Service work at Mobonair?

Mobonair has been a leading company for bulk SMS services for a very long time.

A survey was carried out by the team for bulk message usage in the common citizens. Many citizens denied the use of bulk message by quoting to use a phone for calling instead of messaging. But, over the course of time, everything has changed and many people don’t like to communicate through speech and need complete peace of their mind. Communication through texting has become of utmost importance.

Log in to the account of your firm and continue with the panel dashboard.

Drag and copy paste all the numbers from any txt file. Also one can directly upload a .vcf file.

Draft the body of the message to be sent.

Enter on the send button for sending the messages and one can get the delivery reports for it and for future scheduling.

However, 50% of these bulk messages by the Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi are replied back while 94% of SMS are read by the people. This is an astonishing fact that makes bulk messaging an important tool for marketing in gaining control over the market. The term bulk SMS signifies the rotation of multiple text messages for a big group of customers within seconds.

These are generally delivered by firms or entrepreneurs for increasing their revenue and profits and also tell the customers about the new offers. With the growth of digital media, no one is ready to spend too much on marketing purposes and its advertisement. They need to groom their business but are not ready to compensate with time and cost.

The list of services provided by Mobonair

S.No. Services About
1. Transactional SMS It is used for sending alerts through SMS or text for both DND numbers and Non-DND customers. The services are considered to be fastest all over India.
2. SMS Alert This service allows to schedule and sends the SMS instantly through an alert notification. It is majorly used for employee database and guest recognition.
3. Chat Marketing The chat marketing feature enables social media apps to market a product and capture the right audience for global recognition.
4. Website Designing It is the most important service by Mobonair which enables backend website development through SEO strategy. The architecture of the website is such as to ease navigation and creating logics for search engines.
5. OTP SMS API This service is well designed for mobile apps and developers for integrating automated text alerts through the different codes of API and Get method for delivery reports.
6. Social Media Handling Mobonair handles the social media presence of a firm to aid the businesses in connecting to their customers with the latest terminologies.
7. SEO Services Search Engine Optimization is necessary for increasing the traffic on the website for better reach through search engines.
8. Bulk Voice Service The Voice Call service aids the firms to connect with the customers by reaching their mobile numbers through an already recorded message on the online system.
9. Promotional SMS The bulk SMS is easily promoted through this service on Non-DND numbers only. One can also insert audio, video or images with the message for easy tracking through the statistics.

Features of the best SMS service provider in Delhi-Mobonair

  • Cheap SMS pricing – Mobonair thinks about the customer benefits before delivering any service and is having different plans right from Rs. 20 onwards where one can register and start enjoying the services. The firms can also test the services of Mobonair if they have any sort of confusion at affordable rates.
  • Always available for service – 24 x 7 x 365 – The services of Mobonair are easy to rely on and they function for a whole year whenever needed.
  • Reliable to use – Mobonair provides a user-friendly interface which is typically fabricated for every customer. It is quite simple to use it and very convenient to operate.
  • Six Alphabet Sender ID – The sender ID is easy to remember and only consists of six alphabet values.
  • Sharing of multimedia files – One can easily access and share multimedia files with an extension of png, Xls, CSS, pdf, mp3, etc. with Mobonair technologies.
  • Scanning QR code – For bulk SMS services this unique feature enables a quick response for saving the contact details of name and number.
  • Work with any network Operator – One can deal with any network operator through the Mobonair services unlike other service providers.
  • SMS can be delivered to DND numbers – Mobonair allows any firm to deliver the messages to DND numbers also without any hassle.
  • Rapid transactional SMS – Mobonair offers users a beneficial way of marketing and advertising. In this feature, one can send any pre-approved text for both DND and non-DND numbers, through the customer ID. This is an important feature for mobile users where there is no requirement to submit documents.
  • Develop Template for SMS – It enables the users to form a path and design for instant delivery of messages without the formation of any text body.
  • API Integration Service Available – This leads to the integration of other user interface services for instant delivery for the customers.
  • Instant Delivery and Online Reports – It is done for customer satisfaction.
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