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The strategy of bulk SMS has always been one of the best promotion methods.

There are various companies that provide the services for bulk SMS messages. Today we will be talking about the bulk SMS price in India and about the kind of service you should look for. Generally, you need to understand that there are thousands of companies which are the best fit after looking over the location and the quality of the work.

The following are the points that need to be considered while talking about the best price for bulk SMS.

SMS Delivery Speed

Deliveries rates are a vital part which talking about the bulk SMS price in India. Since every single second matter, therefore even the price depends on the amount of time required for the messages to get delivered. Though we do not have any valid instrument to measure the speed of the messages, it must be delivered within 2-5 seconds. Timings are one of the most vital elements; therefore you need to understand the proper timing for your messages to get delivered. You also need to understand that at what time the maximum audience is giving attention to your messages.

API Integration

API stands for Application Program Interface; it allows to automate messages by the businesses which have been sent to the customer. Generally, the API must be simple and must be easy to integrate. In simple terms, you will be able to send messages to all the numbers in a single click and that too without having to log in to the SMS panel. SMS API is also useful regarding individual and group delivery reports.

API integration plays a vital role in dealing with the bulk number of messages; hence the pricing of the service also depends on how well the API integration service has been offered.


The execution of bulk SMS will be carried out daily; hence you should make sure that it is easy to use and powerful. It gives you the privilege to send bulk SMS with any system and from any part of the world. Hence make sure that it offers you an easy and quick setup process. If the service providers offer web-interface at a decent rate, then you should surely grab the offer. The process of bulk SMS through web-interface is easy and does not require any expertise. Also, look over the feedback from people regarding how fast the support team helps you with your queries. 

Delivery Ratio

The amount of SMS which you can send adds a vital role in changing the digits of the rate. The higher number of delivery rate means a higher amount of price. Almost every company offers the prices after looking over the number of delivery rates. Though it is one of the vital elements, it also has a drawback. Since it is hard to manually check all the delivery rates, therefore there is a higher chance of vendors taking advantage of this drawback.

SMS Addon or Plugin

Most of the times it becomes a hectic task to deal with all the coding portion regarding the SMS task as well. It would be a great relief if the codes are being re-usable. Various sites like Magento offers the option of SMS function as a plugin. It would be a great help if you can look over services that offer SMS functionality as an optional function that can be controlled by the end-user.

The above discussed are the points on which the rates are quoted to the customer. Many users go with the services of a lesser amount, but make sure you do not compromise with the tactics of bulk SMS. You must consider the amount as an investment and not some expenses.

The following are some of the services providing companies along with their charges for the services.

  • Bulk SMS: – You must pay Rs 1610 for a package consisting of 10,000, Rs 2250 for 20,000, Rs 3000 for 25,000, Rs 9000 for 100,000, Rs 43000 for 500,000, Rs 75000 for 10,00,000 and Rs 5000 for 50,000.
  • Bulk SMS 160: – It offers you the services as Rs 1610 for a package consisting of 10,000, Rs 2250 for 20,000, Rs 3000 for 25,000, Rs 9000 for 100,000, Rs 43000 for 500,000, Rs 75000 for 10,00,000 and Rs 5000 for 50,000.
  • Bulk SMS Rates: – This website has a good amount of feedback in the favor. The rates are Rs 1610 for a package consisting of 10,000. Rs 2250 for 20,000, Rs 3000 for 25,000, Rs 9000 for 100,000, Rs 43000 for 500,000, Rs 75000 for 10,00,000 and Rs 5000 for 50,000. These rates are for those who are looking for a validity for 6 months. While for 60 months validity, the rates are Rs 1690 for 10,000, Rs 3799 for 25,000, Rs 5999 for 50,000, Rs 11300 for 100,000, Rs 21500 for 200,000, and Rs 52500 for 300,000. This site allows messages for free as a sample.
  • Bulk SMS Text: – This company has a huge variety of options for bulk SMS rates in India. The rates generally depend on the type of messages you want to promote through SMS. Looking over the type of message and the volume, a rate is quoted to you. You must visit their website and look over all the services and choose the best one for you. Make sure you are choosing the services which best fit your business. While talking about the bulk SMS price comparison, the rates of Bulk SMS Text are a bit low than that of those popular companies.

These were just some of the few bulk SMS service providers with the bulk SMS price list in India. There are a huge number of service providers but the above one or mostly used by our team and we can assure that they are good for you. If you still feel disappointed with the services of the companies, then make sure you let us know and we will make sure that they are removed from the list of bulk SMS prices in India.


Choosing the best bulk SMS price in India can be a hectic task, but now with this content, I hope you have understood the services you need to look for and the companies you can look over. I am not saying that the above-mentioned are the companies you should choose, but these companies are being chosen by various multinational companies. Do not forget that you can even look for such service providers in your local area as well. They might charge fewer amounts with a good quality of the work.

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