Bulk SMS: Experience vs. Reality

bulk sms sms

Keeping in mind the boost in the number of mobile users, bulk SMS is an efficient way of sending an SMS to a large number of audiences in just one go. The technology is used by many marketing agencies, Communities, Retail shops and anyone who wishes to create a customer list. It serves as one of the most cost-effective means to fulfill the purpose. Every business whether a large or short scale is using the Bulk SMS services massively in marketing, advertisement and sending information or offers to the target audience.

And it is not worth mentioning that these businesses expect something in return of these messages. When an SMS is targeted to a large number of audiences, a business always expects positive feedback. The feedback can be in terms of increased sales which in turn increase its return on Investment or a pragmatic approach of the customers towards the information.

Bulk SMS Reality

As every expectation have some harsh realities on the other side of the wall, so as these expectations of the businesses. Now, In the world packed with technologies that offer very friendly means of communications and are regularly updated to keep in pace with the user’s need, SMS is no longer looked attentively at. Users hardly check their inbox, and if they do it’s just for the only SMS they are looking for. Others are simply disregarded without even looking at it. One more hard reality that the companies have to face is seeing themselves in the list of spammers of the user’s mobile phone. Due to the increasing fraudulent activities via mobile phones, several users have lost trust in the messages received by the companies. Generally, the creativity of the advertiser is limited as the SMS does not offer the facility of adding impressive audio or animation effects to the messages.

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