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Bulk sms gateway api for php | Text messaging is now widely used across a variety of industries, to the point that many companies have integrated SMS to inform their clients about deals, events, or discounts straight on their mobile devices.

bulk sms gateway api for php

What is PHP?

The word “PHP” refers for “Hypertext Preprocessor,” a general-purpose, open-source programming that may be integrated into HTML.

PHP lacks mostly all SMS functionality on its own, but with the help of an SMS API, it may be fully utilised.

About Bulk sms gateway API

our sms gateway

connects your application to worldwide telecom networks. It is ideal for sending SMS at scale and can be used for both transactional and marketing messages.

With Messente, your business can send and receive SMS messages without a mobile phone because it is an SMS API and SMS gateway provider.

How does message goes from a web application to a mobile phone?

A web application called mobAPI is used to compose the message, which is then delivered across the internet as a “email message” after already being stored and executed on an HTTP server.

The Short Message Service Gateway, often referred as an SMS gateway, then receives the “email message” and turns it into an SMS message.

Next, the SMS is forwarded to the SMSC (Short Message Service Center). An SMSC’s function is to route data to specific mobile devices.

You’ll need to use an SMS API and a web programming language like PHP if you wish to send out SMS messages in bulk. You can integrate Messente’s PHP SMS API if you can use PHP to generate a straightforward webpage or send an HTTP request. This page describes the integration process and provides an overview of the API.

The most important advantage of this sort of SMS is there’s no need to go and register on the DLT platforms to send Bulk SMS because this SMS is delivered only to Non-DND numbers. It’s one among the simplest ways to attach together with your audience by putting fewer efforts.
  • Sim based sms service is is a type of SMS Service that’s put into effect to increase an open ratio effectively to generate more leads through our sms campaign activities in india without any dlt registration complications  .
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