What is WhatsApp API Solution used for?

whatsapp api solution

WhatsApp API solution is WhatsApp’s latest offering to businesses. This new solution allows you to interact with your customers in a personalized, automated way. For example, you can send your customers notifications about their orders, receipts, delivery updates, and much more.

WhatsApp API is your best option for your business communication.

WhatsApp API can be used for the following:

  • Instant Messaging

Encouraging Coherent Communication in real-time

  • Rich Media Share

Allowing Interactive Communication through Text, Audio, Video and Document delivery

  • Data Privacy

strengthening Customer Relations by promoting end-to-end encryption and data privacy

  • Incorporate AI Chatbots

Developed for providing a Professional Service by featuring Chatbot, Smart Routing.

  • Wider Reach

Setting up Infinite Automated Responses for Local and Global Customers

  • Absolute API Integration

Integrating WhatsApp Business API with SaaS-based Application for Management and Analysis

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