10 Best Mobile Apps for Bulk SMS Services

Eolve is a popular texting app. One of its exceptional features is the ability to flip between conversations which make texting with a lot of people easier. It also has Android support, password support, customization notifications, and more.

Handcent Next SMS
Handcent is the texting app that’s been down memory lanes. Handcent enriched with theme support, built-in spell checking, password protection and more. You can also backup texts and it supports many languages.

Google Messenger
It’s a simple SMS app and excludes bloated features. It offers Material Design and text search, SMS blocking, location sharing, and audio messages. It’s totally free.

Most recent, dubbed GO SMS Pro 7 offers full Material Design. It has features like theming, a private box, and dual SIM support. It’s an excellent option for a long time.

Though lesser known but still a good option to send bulk SMS online. It also includes Material Design, over 200 themes, Android text search, and even built-in protection. It’s absolutely open source.

Signal Private Messenger
It uses a phone number system to send bulk SMS and if those people don’t have Signal, then it simply sends regular SMS Signal. It focuses on security and has end-to-end encryption, but it also works very well as a standalone text app.

Textra SMS
It embraces the new Material Design It has decent features when it comes to texting, 21 text sizes scheduled SMS and MMS sending.

It uses Material Design with both light and dark themes. It also includes the ability to send all kinds of MMS files, delivery reports, send delays, and more.

This includes the standard Material Design along with a small file size dual SIM support, various themes, and spam filtering.

It is a free

bulk SMS App and is specially developed for Construction and Real Estate businesses.