Reinvention Of Bulk SMS Services By Hackathon Winner

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Eastern Cape programmers were challenged to take SMS communication to a new level and students showed that this is possible.

Hosted in the Propella Futuremakers ICT hub the hackathon challenged programmers to create a marketable bulk SMS service.

The market currently is in need of bulk SMS apps which will allow them to, for example, communicate more effectively with their customers or to keep their sales teams in the field updated on the latest offers and pricing.

The challenge for the programmers is to ensure that the app cannot be hijacked or used by spammers and that it complies with privacy regulations.

Dylan Warwick reinvented the SMS and was named the winner with Languteka Machebe as the runner-up.

“Warwick’s system was the most versatile, and met our business requirements,” says Mara Jacobs, receptionist, and administrator at Propella Futuremakers Hub.

The system developed by Warwick will be used by Propella Futuremakers Hub to communicate with their database.

“With this new SMS system we are able to class our clients into different categories and send out different SMSs to each category,” she says.

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Some Interesting Facts About Bulk SMS

  • 81% of Mobile Users use SMS for Text Communication.
  • 90% of the SMS are read within 3 Minutes.
  • SMS Open Rate is 99% whereas Email has 22%.
  • SMS Response Rate is 19% whereas Email has only 4.2%.
  • 25% of Users check the message box 100 times a day.
  • 76% of Users check message Box rather than email Inbox.
  • Users convinced with SMS easily rather than email.
  • Top Brands always use Bulk SMS Services.

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