Brilliant Bulk SMS Sender To Send OTP SMS Without DLT

otp sms : Use Preapproved OTP SMS DLT Template Without DLT Registration to send text messages on phone number via our sms gateway within given 4 second time frame. Powerful sms API, just buy and start sending OTP code via our sms API.

With the ongoing DLT implementation phase, it has become mandatory for every company to register on the DLT platform before sending Bulk SMS in India. Users who send API SMS now have to submit every message text and wait for its approval, which has caused concern.

Providing a seamless platform with the fastest delivery, MobonAir has introduced a new feature wherein you can send otp authentication via API in real time on mobile phone without DLT registration.

Using this route, you can send sms otp verification directly from your end without getting registered on the DLT portal. You don’t need to submit the messages on the DLT platform and wait for its approval. DND and Non-DND numbers will be delivered for phone verification via an Alphabetical Sender ID. The messages will use the premium route and be delivered more quickly than domestic routes without showing any error message .

otp sms: Advantages of the New feature

1. DLT registration not required: Using this feature, you will be able to send API messages directly from your end. You don’t need to register on the DLT portal, submit Headers, Templates and wait for their approval. Thus, it is a convenient option as you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of registering on a DLT platform.

2. No registration fee: You need to pay Rs. 5900 for registering on a DLT portal. However, if you are a MobonAir user, you don’t need to pay any registration fee for sending API SMS.

3. No approval needed: As per the new TRAI rules, in order to send API SMS you need to first register on the DLT platform, submit each and every message template, headers and wait for their approval. MobonAir users can send API SMS without any kind of approval. With this new feature, you can send API messages directly at your end without the hassle of DLT registration or approval.

4. Convenient and time-saving: Sending Bulk SMS via API is now easier than ever. With the help of the new feature, you can send API SMS in the fastest time span and connect with your clients instantly. You just have to select the route, type the message, enter the mobile number and hit the URL to send the SMS. This it is a time-saving and easy process to transmit API messages.

5. Suitable for every business: DLT registration is a concern for businesses who are not yet registered as companies and don’t have certificate of incorporation. This route serves as a boon for those businesses as you can send SMS without submitting your company documents. MobonAir provides two options for sending API SMS without DLT registration. Hence, any business or firm can utilize this feature to send Bulk SMS without getting registered on DLT portal.

How to send OTP SMS via API without DLT registration?

MobonAir Solution is providing two methods of sending instant SMS via API without DLT registration with preapproved otp template.

A. Send API SMS via Quick SMS route

B. Send API SMS via Bulk SMS (Service) route

Send API SMS via Quick SMS route without DLT registration

1: Login to otp sms panel . Once you login, Mobonair panel.

otp sms sender

2. As you click on Downloads, API section will be displayed as shown

3. Select the Method of sending API messages. Here, you can choose either GET or POST method.

4. After selecting the Method, you need to select the Route. As shown in the image below, three options are displayed.

DLT SMS option is when you have completed DLT registration, submitted the templates and gotten approval for the same.

You have the other two options for sending API SMS without DLT registration. Select Quick SMS for sending API messages via this Route

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Bulk SMS (Service) route: This is ideal for companies who want to send OTP or public service messages to their customers. You don’t need to register on the DLT platform to use this route. MobonAir offers two Sender IDs and four predefined message templates, which you can choose based on your business requirements.