High Open Rate Bulk SMS Technology To Send Promotional SMS

Get Numeric sim based bulk sms solution for Promotion SMS and send 10 digit numeric sender id sms to your customers with 10 digits virtual mobile number.

What is SIM Based Bulk SMS?

SMS marketing is in trend these days because everyone is accustomed to using mobile phones.
There are many companies that use bulk SMS service to promote their product, brand and
service. But many of us don’t open SMS when we read the sender id in our message inbox and
ignore or delete that type of promotional SMS without opening it. Hence SIM based bulk SMS
service is the best solution to reach your message to your target customers. MobonAir has a
large setup of a SIM based bulk message sending system by which you can promote your
products and services in different locations of India without sender ID. Customers receive SMS
with a 10 digit mobile number. The view ratio of SIM based SMS is always approx. 99% in front
of target customers. The main advantage of the SIM based SMS system is that there is no need
for DLT registration and approval of templates.

Who uses SIM Based Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS service is one of the best ways to share SMS to a large number of people across India to share information about your new product and services. Nowadays, all types of enterprises, from small to large, use SIM based bulk services for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

Why use a SIM-based Bulk SMS service?

If you want to get rid of registering as a principal entity to send any promotional SMS then you should go for SIM based bulk sms service. You can send your bulk messages to your customers without sender id. Your targeted customer will receive sms with a 10 digit mobile number. You can select the best offer as per your ease. Reach us asap to avail best offers made just for you.

Where can SIM-based Bulk SMS be used?
Anyone can opt for the SIM-based bulk messages service to promote their business in front of targeted end users. The promotional sms is sent without sender-id with a virtual 10 digit number. This type of SMS service is restricted for some instances. SIM based SMS will not be delivered to DND numbers and you can send SMS between 8 AM to 8 PM. Educational institutions and hospitality industries often use SIM based SMS

How to send SIM-based Bulk SMS?
MobonAir send sms through a bulk SMS software . You just need to pay simply for the texts that you send. (1 SMS credit = 1 SMS can contain up to 160 characters).

  1. step 1, go to the bulk SMS panel and log in with your credentials.
  2. Add the list of recipients by selecting the number from your contacts.
  3. Choose your language and compose your message to be sent through bulk SMS
  4. And very important Before pressing the send button, you should preview your message.

For any query related to SIM based Bulk SMS service you can contact us by dropping a message. We are always available and happy to assist you anytime.

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