whatsapp marketing message for election promotion and marketing

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Reach billions of people instantly using WhatsApp as a channel

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More than 1.5 billion people in 180 countries use WhatsApp and many of them are your users.
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Its a complete dashboard where you can see

  • total credits, used credits & remaining credits.
  • Report Section- Total send, total delivered & total failed
  • Quick & Bulk upload option
  • Multi media option (text, image, link etc.)
  • Push minimum 500 to 5,00,000 messages at a time
  • Delivery is instant but some times may take 1 hours also.

Use Cases:

– E-commerce Store
– Campaign Management
– Live Chat Support
– Grocery Store
– Lead Generation
– Election Polls
– Community Management
– Or anyone who uses WhatsApp as their main communication platform!

Or even you are sending the same messages to many groups/broadcast list daily from your Web WhatsApp.

In today’s world everything is possible by one or the other way it’s up to you which way you select for marketing. Select your tool wisely for marketing.


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