What is the use of sending BULK SMS?

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Questions & AnswersWhat is the use of sending BULK SMS?
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Uses Of Sending Bulk SMS In India

Bulk SMS is a fastest and most effective way of communication. Many companies are using BULK SMS service for creating relationship with their clients and let them informed with latest events and news. BULK SMS let you reach to your customer or say targeted customers in very cost-effective and fastest way. As we know almost everyone is using mobile phone , as there is a possibility to engage and build more customer base. Using BULK SMS you can send millions of SMS by clicking just a single button.

Before we go through the uses of Bulk SMS, let me tell you the types of Bulk SMS.

There are 2 types of Bulk SMS:

  1. Promotional SMS: Promotional sms is sent with an objective of promoting your business or product. this category includes sending latest offers, announcements , sales and marketing messages.
  2. Transactional SMS:  Transactional SMS is related to banking sector like sending customers transaction updates, account balance updates and also sending messages related to product invoices to your clients.

Uses of BULK SMS:

  1. You can reach your customers irrespective of their location.
  2. Delivery rate is high compared to other marketing mediums
  3. you can target millions of customers with just one click
  4. you can reach customers within fraction of seconds
  5. Bulk SMS can’t get spam unlike emails
  6. only marketing strategy, which suits for any Industry
  7. it is the cheapest and best marketing strategy
  8. No Hardware cost
  9. very economic
  10. very simple and reliable


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