Want to Know How Can I Unsubscribe From SMS Messages From Easemytrip, the Biggest SMS Spam?

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Questions & AnswersWant to Know How Can I Unsubscribe From SMS Messages From Easemytrip, the Biggest SMS Spam?
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Want to Know How Can I Unsubscribe From SMS Messages From Easemytrip, the Biggest SMS Spam?

It seems that the problem with SMS messages is that not everyone is subscribed to the same service. That’s why you may have been surfing through a list of companies that offer a phone number, and when you get to the address, you are taken to an advertisement, sometimes even though it is just an “invitation” to sign up for their SMS service.

If you are going to avail the free bulk SMS service, it is always best to find out the minimum requirements to ensure you are not receiving unwanted or spam calls. Often, these services will charge a fee and refuse to send you regular messages. No doubt, they give a service to save money and run their businesses but when you see the high rates charged by other bulk SMS providers, you will want to get rid of them.

Let me tell you that the advertisements say the service does not receive a spam message. If there is such a free service that claims to deliver messages from any top SMS service provider, you should look for a service provider that charges a fee.

It is always advisable to read the content of any service so that you know what you will be getting instead of being lured by messages that promise you a free service but in reality, you are going to get spam messages and you will end up paying a fee. But you will have the opportunity to subscribe to the service that you want to use.

You must choose your Service wisely so that you can find out the most suitable one that can deliver you messages of the type you need. Ask yourself what you will do if you get a message telling you that it is no longer needed. There is no point in subscribing to such a service.

Also, if the service has a free bulk SMS service, how come you can also opt for it? It is because they are not running the service to make money but rather to fulfill a need of millions of people who want to use SMS.

The service that is free but delivers spam messages is almost always using a paid-to-reply system. In such a system, there are always a number of spam messages on the screen that you are supposed to ignore.

Some other examples of a bulk SMS service that will deliver your spam messages are SPAM SPEAK. They are the service which helps you make an email enquiry so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time writing email queries.

SPAM SAVE! can be used to track spammers.

The one service, which offers all the above features is SPAM SPEAK. It can help you stop spammers who will actually waste a lot of your time trying to sell you their information.

But when you are provided with the list of services that promise you a free bulk SMS service, do not just sign up with them. Find out the services that they offer and compare them with the service that you want.