How to Get Better at Consistently Posting Social Media Content

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Questions & AnswersCategory: Digital MarketingHow to Get Better at Consistently Posting Social Media Content
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social media postingSocial Media Marketing Tips For Consistently posting new content on social media allows you to get in front of your audience more often.

However, staying consistent is easier said than done.

Not only do you have to remember to post new content, but you also have to come up with interesting things to say.

While you shouldn’t post on social media just for the sake of posting, there is a proper balance between that scenario and inactivity.

The first step is coming up with enough ideas to create posts about, and then the next step is developing a routine for publishing those posts.

Create Post Themes

If you post about certain topics often or even occasionally, you can turn those topics into themes. Talk about your hobbies, goals, and anything else you want to discuss.

You don’t have to be all business all of the time on social media , and it’s good to add a personal touch to your social media efforts.

Running is a big passion of mine, and I always talk about upcoming marathons I’m running in.

Understandably, I didn’t talk too much about upcoming marathons once the pandemic started, but I have talked about my workout routine and how I’m still running.

Running has nothing to do with my personal brand, but it’s something I care about and a way to stay in front of people. This is especially important in a time where we crave human connection but have fewer options available to access that craving.

Idea Day

Once you have enough themes, select a day where you’ll do nothing but come up with post ideas. In this Idea Day, you can come up with enough post ideas to cover your schedule for at least a month.

I used this strategy to come up with over 20 Medium article ideas in a few hours, and that saved me plenty of time in the long run.

Rather than struggle to think of your next social media post idea, the Idea Day gives you plenty of post ideas to tap into.

You can also look back at what happened to you earlier in the day and make that your post. Since some days are better than others, it’s good to have some ideas in reserves or some themes to pay attention to throughout the day for social media posting inspiration.

Schedule Your Posts In Advance

You won’t always be at your computer at the time you’re supposed to post new social media content. This is why it’s important to schedule your content in advance.

Not only does scheduling your content help with consistency, but it also helps you avoid burnout. You can take the occasional day off to break up your schedule and return to your work more refreshed than ever.

If you can, start with a buffer. You can commit to weekly social media posts, but if you create and schedule 4 social media posts before you publish a single post, you’re already a month ahead.

Giving yourself this extra buffer can make a big difference for maintaining consistency and avoiding burnout.

Maintain A Frequency You Can Handle

Very few people can maintain daily posts. Some influencers can maintain that frequency and get great results, but that doesn’t mean you should follow in their footsteps.

Only select a social media posting frequency that you can truly handle rather than a frequency solely designed in an attempt to boost your engagement numbers.

If you post daily, your engagement numbers are likely to increase. Daily content means you get in front of your audience more often and they have more content to engage with.

But if you get burned out and stop posting daily, you can slip back into inconsistency and only have short bursts of content that never feels consistent.

It’s better to start slow than go right out of the gate sprinting.

In a marathon, if your first mile is too slow, you’ve got 25 other miles to compensate. If you run your first mile all out, you’ve got 25 miles to go where you’ll feel died out…if you even finish.

If you want to get better at posting consistently on social media, you have to understand what works for you. Other things work for other people, but what truly matters is discovering what works for you.