What are the benefits of SMS marketing Campaigns ?

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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsWhat are the benefits of SMS marketing Campaigns ?
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As a standalone channel, SMS marketing has robust benefits. Wide dispersion and great usability are only a few of them. So what are those advantages and how businesses can benefit from SMS marketing in synergy with other marketing channels?

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The fact that it’s been used by small and big corporations alike, for what accounts to almost three decades, speaks volumes about its effectiveness.

I’ll try to list the most important ones here but remember SMS marketing is not only limited to those benefits alone.

  • SMS messages have a 98% open rate, with customers reacting to said messages within 3 minutes on average. It also has a 36% click-through rate which is a decent conversion rate. Compare that to email, which has 22% open rate and 2.9% click-through rate, and you may see just how much more effective SMS marketing is.
  • Another big advantage is its outreach, which is tremendous. Even that is an understatement. To put it into perspective for you, over half the global population owns a mobile phone. That’s around 4 billion people who can be accessible at any given time and place for you. In theory, your SMS marketing campaign could reach almost everyone with a mobile phone, if your budget allows it. However, for maximum results you need a specific target demographic. Point is, SMS marketing is limited by no boundaries and its outreach can be as great as you want it to be.
  • If you want to create a two-way communication between you and your customers, SMS marketing is just the tool for that. It helps facilitate customer engagement, creates a feedback loop which you can use to improve your business, and leads to customer loyalty.
  • SMS marketing is not limited to any specific industry. Its versatility is one of its key selling points. Every industry, regardless of background, can find use for SMS marketing.
  • Finally, SMS marketing can be used for a multitude of purposes. Promotional, transactional, news distribution—you name it, it can be used for it.

Top 5 Benefits of Using SMS in Combination with Other Marketing Channels

  1. SMS marketing is cheaper than customer retargeting or social media marketing.

Although sending text messages is more expensive than emails, overall SMS  marketing expenses are lower than boosting posts on social media or launching  retargeting campaigns.

If your customer base is extended, you can save some money and combine email

and SMS, first approaching customers via email and then sending SMS only to

those customers who have ignored your email.

  1. SMS is fast

SMS campaigns are received instantly, and most importantly, they’re read almost immediately as well. This makes SMS marketing campaigns great for hyper time-sensitive offers.

3.SMS earns higher open rates than email

Where customers have to consult their inbox  for email messages, an SMS gives you an  instant push notification on your phone. If  customers don’t have push set up for their  inboxes, your email campaign will have to wait.  Moreover, with text messages, you don’t need

to handle deliverability issues.

  1. SMS gets a higher engagement rate

SMS marketing campaigns are eye-catchers:

70% of customers say that SMS is an attention-grabber. An SMS is typically read even before it’s opened  with the notification that appears on the screen.

What’s more, SMS aren’t just opened more  frequently, they also earn more clicks over  email on average.

  1. You don’t need a graphic designer for an SMS campaign

At this point again, SMS goes hand in hand with  emails. It’s quick and easy to send the SMS  campaign because it doesn’t require any  Concept or design. But it’s only text.

We know how powerful images are while shopping online, so by combining both channels for one

campaign you can get the promised synergy  and boost your campaign results.

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