How do I choose a Bulk SMS provider?

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Questions & AnswersHow do I choose a Bulk SMS provider?
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Process To Choose A Bulk SMS Provider

There are lots of transactional bulk SMS service providers in India and every company claims to be the best one. The real fact is that when it comes to offer services to clients it looks like they do not go with what they claim..

But Only few  sms service providers, which will offer you superbly designed enterprise bulk SMS gateway panel with various services under one roof with transactional SMS service. You can also send or receive SMS on their virtually hosted numbers, send automatic responses, and lot more.

The best transactional SMS service provider will offer you the fastest and most user-friendly API by which you can develop your own SMS applications in a few minutes. Transactional SMS is used for sending quick alerts, information, latest updates etc.

Here are some of the essential features of transactional bulk SMS:

  1. You can send a large number of transactional SMS at once
  2. You can send group or scheduled SMS
  3. Send from Excel file
  4. You can send dynamic or personal messages
  5. 100% deliverability on active numbers
  6. 24X7 SMS delivery
  7. Six character sender ID
  8. Fast approval of sender ID & template
  9. Indefinite templates
  10. Transaction route and multi operator route
  11. Quick delivery
  12. Message delivery on DND numbers as well
  13. PAN India delivery
  14. Delivery report of every SMS
  15. Safe API through HTTPS protocol
  16. API for quick integration
  17. Easily accessible user interface (UI)

Overall, sending transactional bulk SMS is now at your fingertip. MobonAir, an enterprise SMS solution provider, offers quality transactional services that can help you take your business a step ahead with easy to use and the best SMS API service.