How do I choose a Bulk SMS provider?

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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsHow do I choose a Bulk SMS provider?
admin Staff asked 2 years ago

Well, hopefully, my answer could literally save thousands of customers from losing their time and money.

I worked for a few major SMS companies and one thing I have observed very common.

Even after educating the customer about features, walk them through a trial account, API, pricing-quality matrix, still 80% or more prospects prefer low-cost SMS providers.

Bulk SMS Business

And the same customer comes back again after a month or sometimes saying how he lost his money by purchasing SMS from a cheap company.

This is really disappointing.

Dear customers, “Pricing is a factor”, I completely understand that.

But, do you wanna lose your time and hard earned money by just saving a few bucks in starting?

Please stop looking for lower rate service, It doesn’t work in the long run.

There are certain things you need to understand how these companies offer you at damn cheaper rates when mobile operators itself doesn’t provide.

Pricing depends on the volume that you consume, UI, value-support-quality that you get from the provider.

This pricing and value factor is inversely proportional when it comes to SMS industry.

  • Standard price – High-value service and support
  • Low price – Low-quality SMS you get

That’s how it works.

Final advice, no one gives 100% delivery rates, as the delivery of SMS depends on various factors like

  • Network strength
  • HLR availability
  • Mobile number status
  • Blacklisted or not etc.

So, keep these things in mind while you buy to choose your vendor wisely.