GSM Sim base SMS [ No DLT Registration Needed ]

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Gsm sim base bulk SMS marketing campaigns or simply GSM sim base SMS marketing campaigns are a part of mobile marketing strategies, has become the most effective channel for brands to market their products and services on mobile phones.

Earlier gsm sim base bulk SMS used to have a negative impact because brands used cold database and began spamming to customers. But this has changed. Now, there is a broad set of guidelines by government and network providers, which have to be followed by senders. With this, gsm sim bulk SMS marketing has evolved into an effective tool for marketing .

Send Direct Messages To Your Customers Without DLT Registration

When you are preparing your text messages, avoid adding too many details. SMS is limited to 160 characters only, and so, make sure that you include all vital points within this limit. An effective SMS message is one which contains, ‘what is in there for you, the customer?’ This is what will be the attractive factor to lure customers.

Scheduling Feature With SIM Base smpp

The timing of your text message is also important. This is crucial as the most attractive and creative gsm sim base smpp will fail in its objective if not properly timed. For instance, do not send messages during the standard office hours of customers when they will be busy and when they will more likely to ignore messages.

Following are the features of GSM Sim base smpp Feature:

  • Quickly set up the solution for your business
  • Seamlessly integrate with your IT system and CRM
  • Personalize your messages, and in the language of your choice.
  • Generate analytics and reports to measure the effectiveness of the

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