Where can I buy a promotional bulk SMS pack (India only) without doing DLT Registration?

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Questions & AnswersWhere can I buy a promotional bulk SMS pack (India only) without doing DLT Registration?
admin Staff asked 3 years ago

get bulk sms package in india , without doing DLT Registration.

Call  +919911539003 , New Delhi

This is the reason for the downfall of the service industry and boom for small offline businesses.

There is no mutual understanding between the online service competitors.

If my competitor is selling at 10 rupees, why don’t I sell at 9 rupees?

This is the current scenario.

No one is sticking to the standards. Moreover, they are compromising in their standards to make small money.

It is not only with SMS industry, but the same is also happening with Website/app design, CRM, online courses, etc.

Example 1:

I have seen that when the A2P SMS price increased in May 2018, many such cheap providers started taking advantage of this.

They still were selling at lower rates and standard companies had no choice but to follow the CARTEL POLICY.

Even after the implementation, such cheap providers didn’t change their rates.

Guess what?

Most of the customers started comparing the standard companies with cheap providers.

No quality service comes at cheaper rates.

If you buy SMS at the price you’ve mentioned in the question, you will regret damn sure.

Example 2:

Do you believe that content is everything to rank top on search engines?

So, it is a key factor, right?

Still, few companies want it for cheaper rates like 20 Paise or 25 Paise per word.

And our dear content writers are ready to provide in that rate.

Back in the years, companies were even used to pay 2 Rupee per word for quality content.



Do you know what you will get for 25 Paisa per word?

Copied, Less SEO friendly, thin and no valued content, through which you cannot rank forever on Google.

Now, I see few came forward to start this mission of no content writer writes for less than 1 Rupee per word.

Good thing!

Wrapping it up,

Humble request, Please stop encouraging SMS services at 6 paisa or 7 Paisa.

Not even a single SMS would get delivered on time once you buy their package in that rates.