Which is the best bulk SMS service providers in India? Or Who Is The top 10 bulk SMS service providers in India?

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Questions & AnswersWhich is the best bulk SMS service providers in India? Or Who Is The top 10 bulk SMS service providers in India?
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Which is the best bulk SMS service providers in India?

Who Is The Top 10 bulk SMS service providers in India?

Answer – The benefits offered by the bulk SMS service is farfetched since it is mobile-friendly, we could reach a large number of people and as it does not require an internet connection, we can even reach that segment of people who do not use smartphones and doesn’t have access to the internet. The next big incentive bulk SMS offers is its cost-effectiveness coupled with its wider demographic reach in terms of people of different age segments that could be targeted. Also it gives you instant delivery, and the open and read rate of mobile messages are much higher compared to that of an E-Mail marketing campaign, and if the end-user like the content in the message, they could very well opt in to your service instantly by just sending a reply message, which is easy and hassle-free and increases conversion ratio.


The bulk SMS gateway facilitates the use of Promotional messages in four different ways, they are

  • Advertising
  • Sales promotions
  • Personal selling, and
  • Sales Promotion

But choosing a Bulk SMS service provider should not solely be based on who offers the lowest price in the market, because some of the providers might offer the lowest prices but might not be giving the best service possible, by manipulating delivery reports and giving fake numbers even when the messages might not even have reached all those specified numbers of target customers. Thus it becomes highly important that we choose a proper Bulk SMS service provider to undertake the digital marketing campaign and to be successful in it.
So the next question would be,  which are some of those good Bulk SMS service providers that offer good service quality and also be light as possible in your pocket so that you can spend that budget on other areas of your business, here are a few of the top picks, These are the top 10 Bulk SMS service providers in India,









Bulk SMS service



All of these offers you a host of digital services like promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, SMS alert, Bulk voice services, Chat marketing for social media platforms like what’s app and Facebook, Website designing and other additional services like OTP SMS API and Search Engine Optimization service, so you can choose what you require from this wide pool of options. Also, they are very cost-effective and provide best in class service, round the clock customer support, prompt delivery reports and help you market your products and business to a wider set of audience.