What is a bulk SMS reseller business?

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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsWhat is a bulk SMS reseller business?
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Though having a lot of other business opportunities, still Bulk SMS Reseller business is setting the new trend of business.

sim base bulk smsNowadays using of Bulk SMS Service is growing a lot because it’s easy to reach maximum people in less time and the SMS is much cheaper than other modes of run SMS reseller business is very simple.

The basic theory of the opening the business is buying the Bulk SMS from the Bulk SMS Service provider in India and sell those SMS to your users and resellers at your desired cost to earn good amount of the profit.

The work and responsibility of bulk SMS reseller are comparatively easier than the SMS aggregator. The reseller sells the Bulk SMS to a small group of customers and controlling the operation is quite easy for him.

There’re actually dozens of ways in which bulk SMS service improve your business. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • sales channel
    Going out with a promo ? Let your customers know.
  • appointment reminders
    To minimize the hassle of last-minute cancelling, remind your customers about appointments.
  • brand recognition
    Activities like sms-based competitions are great for engaging people and building brand recognition!
  • personalized customer experience
    As simple thing as preparing an SMS template that includes your customer name can leverage their experience.
  • autentication tool
    If you need to confirm the phone number, logging in or anything else, bulk SMS service opens an efficient way.

Remember you have to:

  • avoid being spammy
    With all the possibilities and impact that SMS messaging has on your customers, it’s tempting to give it all a go – at once. Be careful with that and send up to 4 promo messages per month.
  • respect the rest hours
    Don’t send out your messages in the middle of the night. Generally, hours between 10 am to 7 pm are a safe bet.
  • let the people unsubscribe easily
    We don’t have to dig in deep here: respect the law.

The core advantages of the Bulk SMS Reseller Program which makes the bulk SMS business so attractive can be listed as follows :

Life Time SMS Validity –

The Bulk SMS Service provider in India purchases bulk SMS from the supplier of the SMS or aggregators. They have to pay for the purchase of SMS in bulk.They resell the Bulk SMS to target customers. Even if there is a delay in reselling, there is no worry of losing the credits.

Help for building own brand design and logos –

The SMS service provider can facilitate Bulk SMS resellers to sell the SMS services under their brand name with logo and mono. The reseller can increase his sales revenue quite easily by using a brand logo.This will help him to establish his business and further expand his business.

Sending unobtrusive messages –

The main benefit for a Bulk text message is that it can be sent to various people without having a risk of rejection. Customers do not feel disturbed when they receive Bulk SMS and the probability of reading the Bulk SMS is high. This way the bulk SMS provider can reach the customers quite easily and advertise and promote business effectively and efficiently.

The concept of Bulk messaging has been widely accepted as a suitable and effective tool for marketing these days. A Bulk SMS service provider can help a business houses entrepreneurs to promote their business and brand effectively.

Since the plan of reselling SMS is not at all costly, it is a preferable tool for the businessmen. If you are also planning to start a small business, you may consider this option very well.