Bulk SMS Provider Matiyari Lucknow

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Bulk SMS Provider Address Matiyari Lucknow

Our Bulk SMS Service is a reliable and solid tool for bulk SMS campaigns, really fast and stable when it comes to usage. I haven’t detected any downtime for my campaigns, and we’ve been using this solution in a few industries (mainly e-commerce & retail startups ).

You can schedule your campaigns, use data to customize them, collaborate with sub-accounts and include short links and rich media in your SMS messages.

Regardless of the industry, SMS enables fast and direct communication with clients, leads and employees. You can send financial reminders, updates and marketing messages with this relatively inexpensive medium.

And that’s exactly what we do with SMSAPI.

It allows us to add elements such as:

  • SMS sender names
  • short links
  • rich media

As well as use templates, send SMS newsletter or birthday messages, personalize content, and even leverage loyalty program

Company Name – Mobonair.in

Service – Bulk SMS Promotion , SMS Marketing , Business Promotion sms , Personalize database SMS Service , Transactional Message

Registration – DLT Registration & Without DLT Registration

Phone Number – 9911539003  Whatsapp 9911539003

Address – Near Wave Mall, Vibhuti Khand Faizabad Road Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226026

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