Who Provide Bulk Message Service In India Without DLT Registration ?

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Questions & AnswersCategory: dlt registrationWho Provide Bulk Message Service In India Without DLT Registration ?
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1MobonAir Is The Biggest Bulk Message Service In India Without DLT Registration . Now A Days digital marketing service make a boom in every business at local level . In This Stream, If We Talk about Patna Bihar , We can say a city of happening people in india who are very technology freak. Now Its time to boost business so Bulk Message Promotion . so now guys if you looking for chunav prachar or election promotion visit our payment plan . At MobonAir We provide end to end solutions SINCE 2005 we have 1000+ Bulk SMS specialists that could cater to your diverse Bulk SMS needs. See how we can help your brand succeed as an essential part of your team.

Uses of Bulk SMS Services

  1. Banking sector
  2. Educational & Training center
  3. Food industry
  4. Health care & Hospitality
  5. Travel & Tourism

Transactional SMS Gateway Login

The transactional bulk SMS service, in this service, sent your customer information for using your products or services like a text sent by a bank to an account holder regarding his account information.

Who can use this service?

  1. Banking
  2. Retail
  3. Consumer market
  4. IT & ITES
  5. Oil and gas

Transactional Bulk SMS Service Plan

Features of Transactional Bulk SMS

1. Send SMS to DND & Non-DND Numbers 2. Audio, Video, Images Support 3. 6 Character Alphabetical Sender ID 4. 24 x 7 Sales & Support 5. Instant SMS Delivery & Report 6. Excel Plugin for Faster Processing 7. No Setup Fee, No Hidden Cost 8. Instant Approval of Sender ID 9. Real-Time SMS Delivery Report 10. 99 % Server Up Time 11. User-Friendly Interface 12. Send Schedule SMS 13. Send Group SMS 14. Send SMS in Any Language 15. Track SMS Delivery Report

Sim Base Bulk SMS Service

How to Count SMS Credit –

For Text Message 1 – 160 character = One SMS Credit. 161 – 306 characters = Two SMS Credits. 307 – 459 character = Three SMS Credits.

For Unicode Message 1 – 70 character = 1 SMS Credit. 71 – 134 characters = 2 SMS Credits. 135 – 201 character = 3 SMS Credits.