digital marketing strategy

For your strategies to be effective, they must be propelled by purpose. When creating a digital marketing strategy, there are two questions you must ask yourself:

Is my current plan working?

What do I intend to accomplish by creating a new digital marketing plan?

The current state of your digital marketing efforts are what guides your next steps.

Here’s an outline to use as the foundation of digital marketing strategy:-

1) Set holistic business goals

Think broadly (12 months) and then scale back (6 months, 3 months, and the current month).

2)Determine key performance indicators

How will you know you’ve met your digital strategy goals? The answer will vary, but be realistic. For instance, it’s unlikely that a small staff could crank out 2,000-word, high-quality blog posts five times a week.

3)Create a digital marketing plan

Which online tools will you use and how?

4)Execute your strategy

Consistently implement your goals and monitor your progress.

5)Analyze the outcome

What worked well? Where should you add value? What changes need to be made going forward?

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